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  1. telling male friends to back off

    Hmmm. Sounds like this guy is determined! If my sister was telling me about this problem i would tell her to try and ignore him. Since he seems to have some issues, any attention you give him; even negative attention is going to make him want you more. The best thing you can do is just ignore him completely! For example: If he calls, just ignore the call, dont pick it up and dont even listen to the voice mail. Just delete the voice mails as he leaves them. I bet if you do that for a little while he will get the hint. Negative attention to some insecure people is better then none at all so dont even bother with any response. If he continues after a couple of weeks you might just have to take it up a level. But before you do anything like that just try to ignore. Good Luck. Jeff
  2. Any hot sobe sex stories?

    Dude, want a hot site for stories. Dont know what your into but check out www.bdsmlibrary.com
  3. New to the Forum

    Thanks for the warm welcome Guys N Girls and anyone inbetween. LOL.
  4. Post a Sexy Pic!~

    Now this is a sexy pic if you ask me. But then again any female blindfolded is a turn on.
  5. Why are you so afraid of anal sex??

    I would have to say from a guys point of view; The reason most woman are afraid of anal sex is because of bad experiences with inexperienced men. unfortunately for the woman, most men have no clue how to give anal sex and thus they leave a bad taste in the girls mouth (no pun intended). Anal sex has to be worked into. Its not just slam dunk.
  6. New to the Forum

    Hey everyone, i just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to this site and live in the south florida area. Hope to meet some of you soon.. Jeff