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  1. Sander live @ Le Queen, Paris

    set has most of the same shit he was playin from the conference which aint a bad thing cuz i thought he ripped it down there...
  2. How much would you pay to get into a JP party??

    i was just talking about in general. so u do know what im talking about.
  3. How much would you pay to get into a JP party??

    $60 aint no thang when u charge ur best friends full price for party favors
  4. How much would you pay to get into a JP party??

    i was comparing a big jp party to a nye at matrix $80 vs. $100... you have no input on this topic anyways. you are the cheapest person known to man
  5. How much would you pay to get into a JP party??

    $80 for a major event at Sf was worth it. and people paid that if not more. NYE at shit hole clubs like matrix is $100. now thats a waste.
  6. ELI / Avaland Friday (review)

    eli, thanks for takin care of me... by the time i got inside howells was already on and i had no idea how to find you. ill get a copy of ur new cd another time. thx again.
  7. JP Earlier Today @ Therapy

    pretty late... 1:30 if i remember correctly?
  8. JP Earlier Today @ Therapy

    that was played by cleveland
  9. Jonathan Peters This Saturday !!!

    yo smitty its brad. apparently u changed ur # and i dont have it anymore so gimme a call about this weekend.
  10. yea, he is. the best music was from 5am-10am. so u were there for the most of it. the crowd was pretty horrid cuz everyone left to rest up for the pool party or to get mangled before the pool party... i just couldnt leave though he was playing too dark & evil.
  11. Monday 3/21 - Left boston at 8:30AM arrived at the hotel around 12:30 and realized i managed to leave my drivers license and my boarding pass in my seat pocket in the airplane. so i spent the day trying to get duplicate copies of identification and get some sun at the pool. Checked out George Acosta's record store Grooveman Music after dinner. Went around the block to amika for the juicy party with robbie rivera & friends. the club was ok the music was great though. i was so tired i only stayed for a little while. Tuesday 3/22 - Spent the day at the pool and walkin around SoBe sayin hi to everyone. Hit up boris' pool party around 3 and it was pretty fun nuthen crazy though. music was so/so. Left around 7 and went home to get ready to go out to Meganite @ Space. Space is unreal its very similiar to SF. It was all techno DJ's Mauro Picotto, Chris Liebing, Marco Carola, Sven Vath. Those guys were crazy. droppin bombs after boms. Saw JP there who was also lovin the music. Headed upstairs to the terrace around 6am. The terrace at space is my favorite club venue to date. What a fun time up there Low End Specialist & Stephan K & Angel Moraes were spinning. Music was unreal that guy Angel RIPS! i would go up to Montreal to hear him spin in a heart beat. Closed that out around 8:30-9. Weds 3/23 - Hung out at the pool at my hotel & at the beach for the majority of the day. fun times all around. Took a nap before Subliminal Sessions party @ Space. Walked in around 1am. What a zoo. Place was packed beyond belief. Morillo was great at some points but sup-par at others. I just think his sound is too commercial for me. Around 6am the place turned into a complete shit show u couldnt move everyone was pissed off. Bouncers wouldnt let u go into certain rooms etc. I was havin a decent time but i just decided to screw it and left to go spend some QT with my girlfiend. Thurs 3/24 - Spent some more time at the pool with some of the Asseteria dancers. Went down to the Clevelander to see Richie Santana, Peter Bailey, DJ Pete from MTV, some of my dj friends from Boston. Fun party pretty good music nothing crazy. Left there around 1am and headed to Spin to see Sander K, Nic Fanciulli (aka Sklyark) and Matthew Dekay. Horrible crowd. The room was ok kinda reminded me of vinyl low cieling and the system was perfect for the room. Music was crazy. Progressive Bombs all nite long i was totally impressed. Closed it out at 5:30. Around 6am there was a fight between 2 girls on my hotel hallway. The police came and ended up using a tazer on one of the girls. We called down to the front desk and complained and they gave us a free nite which was sweet and free breakfast the next morning. the bill came to $141 lol. Friday 3/25 - Tried to get some sun before headin over to the BBC Radio 1 Party @ Nikki Beach. Saw a random guy G out on a lawnchair at my hotel's pool and spit up on himself. very classy. Headed down to Nikki Beach @ 2pm and there was about 1000 waiting in line to get in. The longest line ive ever seen for a club. Waited on line for 2 hours and met some pretty cool people but by the time i got inside i was so aggravated. The club is such a cool little spot, but the people there were all these wacky europeans and i couldnt deal with them. it was like woodstock with club music. we only stayed very briefly and rested up for JP @ Warehouse. Woke up at 1am and tried to get the Warehouse as quickly as possible. Shit hole club decent system horrible lighting great music about sums it up. Closed it out at 10:30. Quote of the night was JP saying after the music was off "Time to go swimming!" HA! Saturday 3/26 - Came home washed up before the pool party and got there at 12 and there was already a good sized line. and it was sunny and hot as hell. Great party played similar music to Warehouse but in different order. Surprisingly no one had to get taken out in stretchers unlike last year which was a plus. Great music & great times with all my friends. Closed the party around 10pm. Stumbled back to my hotel exhuasted around 12:30AM and somehow managed to pack my shit in order to wake up at 5:30 AM and head back to the airport. My legs were so shot i had one of my friends push me thru the airport in a wheelchair lol. What a great time i had all week long. I <3 Miami.
  12. that was a great fucken party. everyone slept on it and went elsewhere but the last few hours JP was on fire. that is classic JP right there and thats the side of him that all the haters never get to see or hear about. did u close?