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  1. Club Rubber afterhours...

    Yeah I will have to make sure I make it there for afterhours for sure. Maybe Ill hit up Rubber, then go to 5150 to check it out! Dont know if I could stay up till 3pm, but Ill give one helllllll of a try, Vegas style!
  2. Club Rubber afterhours...

    Yeah, WAY crazy! Before it is pretty dead! They are trying to promote it, so it will be alot better. It could be a pretty cool place, if they could get some people in there ealier. I loked the set up actually. We had the HUGE couch in the middle of the room. It was pretty comfy, but if it was to get packed, it wouldnt be enough, for sure. Im from Riverside Co. I will have to check it out for sure, next time. Maybe Ill run into ya! Where ya from? LV?
  3. Club Rubber afterhours...

    HAHA!! Your KIDDING ME!? THAT is were I was BEFORE i went to rubber! TRIP! Not much happening there when i was there, but a friend was getting married, so we had kinda a private party there, since the friend knew someone. The bouncer said it goes off with House music after hours. I told him i would be back, but I went to sleep instead! Dang! Maybe I would have seen ya there, in your Jeans and Black Tank! Im trippin! To funny!
  4. Club Rubber afterhours...

    Afterwards? Ya crazy!? I went to the Hotel for some much NEEDED sleep! I had to get back to Cali, so a couple hours of sleep, and off I went. It was 7AM when I left Rubber. I was pretty much tapped out of energy by then, and had a drive to make. Did ya go somewhere else after that!?
  5. Club Rubber afterhours...

    I agree that Friday was kind of lame. It was my first time there, and was kind of bumb'd with the music and the crowd. I decided to give it another chance on Saturday/Sunday morn, and I'm glad I did! It was MUCH better, and more of what I was expecting! Good music till I left at 7am! Im glad to hear that the Friday deal, was not normal. I will be going back, the next time I am in Vegas! Twistede8- I looked for ya, but everyone was wearing black tanktops, and jeans! And they all had blonde hair and Tatt's! Sorry I missed ya!
  6. Club Rubber afterhours...

    haha! Ok! Ill do that! Jeans and a Black Tank Top! Give a clue as to Hair color!? Geeez!
  7. Club Rubber afterhours...

    haha!! Im assuming your Female!? Now how many people will be wearing that same thing!? ha! Ok! Ill look for ya! Ya better not be a man! HA!
  8. Club Rubber afterhours...

    Sounds good. It was on top of my list, since I know that Rubber normally had House DJ's. Thats what i will be looking for. Ill check it out on Friday/Sat Morning. Maybe hit up Drais on Sat/Sun to check that one out. Glad to hear that it is not that crowded. I Will be looking for somewhere just to chill and hear good music. Im sure Ill be burned out on the Hip Hop clubs by then. Thanks!
  9. Club Rubber afterhours...

    T54- Who ya have spinnin' on Friday, and what they be playin'?
  10. Hardest House Music

    Thanks Vixen! I might just take ya up on that! twistede8-Friday is when I plan on going out. Any help would be great! Thanks for your help!!!!!!!
  11. Hardest House Music

    Hey Everyone! Im coming into town this weekend April 8-10. Looking for the best place to hear the hardest House Music Vegas has to offer. UK style if its around. From what I read on this board, it seems to be Ice, Tangerine? and of course Dria's, Rubber for afterhours? Am I reading this right? I plan to be out all night, so lookin for a good comfortable scene, and somewhere that wont be too much of a pain to get in. Asking too much!? Ha! Hellllllllllllllllllllllp! Thanks!!!!