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  1. okay another music mystery. a few months ago, a cd called "factory vs. exit" either 2001 or 2002, not sure, kinda fell into my lap... and i fell head over heels in love with the first song... not sure if this is one of peters' songs or if its from exit, but its a sick remix of eleanor rigby by the beatles... trust me, ive searched high and low on like every music download program, and this song is nowhere to be found. if anyone has it, or can help me find it pleeeeaaaasssseeeeeeee reply!!! thanks
  2. Wtf Is This Song!!!?

    you guys rock. thanx for ending like a 3 week mystery lol thanks again!!
  3. Wtf Is This Song!!!?

    okay so i found like 20 seconds of this house song, dont know the title or artist and its driving me crazy bc it sounds like it could be a good song and i would really appreciate if someone could help me! heres the lyrics i have... "can i make it through the night through the darkness to the light i wonder cuz every road that i take every road that i take makes me wonder will i make it home? makes me wonder will i make it home will i make it?" this has been driving me insane for weeks now, please help!