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    Im a guy, I like breathing air, and oddly, I can see things. Aside from that I like things...a lot
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    In an enclave of spoon using badger pokers
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    Djing, graphic art....poking badgers with spoons
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    whatever I can get a hold of...
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  1. Want A Mix?

    I've got a few mixes available if you are interested. They are primarily progressive mixes, trance house, breaks, deep... ther are abut 5 of them. Hit me up at [email protected] or AIM SN EJRSKG and we can work out a way to get em to you. I prefer electronic transfer via AIM, but I can mail them out. Like I said let me knwo and I'll be more than happy to get em to you.
  2. Ej Ronin

    in the digital flesh baby....thanks...good to see a familliar face
  3. Ej Ronin

    In the DC area, been a bedroom DJ for a couple of years. Can't say Im ready to move outside of that, but I would like to know if anyone is intereseted in hearing some of my mixes...hit me up on AIM - EJRSKG or go here and leave a message as well EJ RONIN So far I've ben prety well recieved, but I'd like the opinion of my own area, most of my input has been from NY, NJ and CA...so...I guess I do things backwards. I also do a small bit of graphic design on t-shirts. Hey its a start. Shawn Gordon