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  1. Farenheit 2.0 @ Webster Hall, Sun May 29

    o yeah thats whats up
  2. Webster Hall 4/29

    yeah may 29th is going to rock ..cant wait for slick and atb
  3. brooklyn bounce 4/22 nyc

    BROOKLYN BOUNCE this friday @ webster hall 18 plus 10 bucks with flier b4 midnight
  4. Webster Hall??????

    brooklyn bounce is there this weekend kai tracid is coming june 17th from what i know
  5. hennes n cold /derb

    henne's n cold / derb tomorrow night first nyc appearance 18 over only 10 bucks with flier b4 midnight
  6. johan gielen roll call

    johan gielen whos going its the only trance in nyc friday night....
  7. soooooooooo i went to WH on saturday...

    i was there last friday its way different than saturdays...also they have some really big trance acts coming in this summer on fridays so you may want to give it a second chance....the crowd wasnt a tourist crowd last friday i must add....its also the longest running night club in nyc ..i think there doing somthing right...place just needed a new crowd and vibe...friday nights will do
  8. Who's down for Cosmic Gate tonight?

    not a promoter just a club kid ..and i had a really good time.. ileft aboard i was on for 4 years i just hate how poeple are so negative ..it seems like shit could go perfect and still someone has somehitng negative to say.....
  9. Who's down for Cosmic Gate tonight?

    hey i got an idea since ur like the only one whos complaining y dont u get 40k and rent out the hammerstein and throw ur own trance party..i think the rest of us found a pretty hot new spot in the east village.....for a low cost ..and there the only ones who ever to think to bring these guys so im goingt to stick with them...im sure the crowd will get better and better...not that it was bad i seen mad hot girls there ..and the dancers, vibe, music and lights wer off the hook ..in my opinion