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  1. Vegoose after parties/desert parties?

    Thanks for the info. Probably I'll see if they want to go to OPM, Pure, and Drai's. Those were the funnest spots I went to when I was there. Oh, and Cheetah's of course. How long of a drive is it from Vegoose to the strip? Can you cab it and any guess on how much that would be? They are getting an rv to hang out in at Vegoose, but I'm not sure they will want to drive it into Vegas. What's the Empire like? I'm just getting empty frames on their website. Location, crowd, etc.
  2. Vegoose after parties/desert parties?

    long time no Vegas! Unfortunately, it's not me that's going this time. I'm doing some scoping for a few friends who are going to Vegoose. Know of any after parties or desert parties that weekend? Music of the house/breaks (I know, no breaks in Vegas, but you never know) variety. They're going to spend one night in Vegas, and I'll be setting them up for that part later once they know which night. Thanks! Sooner or later I'll get back there...
  3. Staff in Vegas

    I agree- everyone we talked to was super nice and friendly, and gave us great service.
  4. May 30-July 3

    Hey fellow Canadian chick! Check out the review thread I did- I was just there June 10-13. Pure is great, go to OPM too, great club. Drai's is a for sure too. Well, if you like the kind of music I do. If you want to go to a strip bar, which you should because they are great there, I can give the name of a guy who'll give you a free stocked limo ride.
  5. Jul 14-17 vist

    Pure's hiphop area dance floor is very crowded and more of a grindy scene, not as friendly people. OPM on Saturday was packed but the dance floor was more friendly, like you could talk to people without them thinking you wanted to fuck them on the dance floor. OPM had way better hiphop music to my ears. I loved both, but spent more time on the patio at Pure (house music). I put up a review thread with both those clubs listed. Coyote Ugly is dumb (no offense lalate). Surely you can find a better place to go... you're in Vegas.
  6. Club Reviews June 10-13

    Friday Ice- Was on list but they couldn't find my name. They put us in the back door anyways, no cover. Gave us wrist bands and told us we could go where ever we wanted. Danced on stage with go-go dancers, but the music wasn't loud enough up there. Very nice security. House music room was okay but music was kind of boring, hiphop room was very fun but we didn't find it until a bit late. Much smaller club than I was expecting, not very busy. Probably the least fav club, glad we went there first, was a good warm up. Met some guys who packed us into their huuuuge limo- must have been 30 people!- and went to Pure. Pure- Awesome club- very crowded. Didn't have to wait in line though, our limo guys set us up. Downstairs was hiphop, super packed dance floor, almost too packed. Lots of grinding going on- you couldn't make eye contact with a guy without having him come over to grind you- no thanks. Upstairs patio with house music was wicked. Great dj, hot and friendly dancers (although not that many), met some super hot Chicago dancing boys (now I want to go there!), incredible view of strip and surrounded by hotel and statues and the sky, lots of room to dance, loved being outside dancing in the fresh air. Some people said it was packed but I found there was lots of sapce- but then, I spend most of my time in front of the dj so maybe there's more room there. Def a fav spot. Called it a night around, uh, sometime and walked home. Had a hook up with Ariel for Seven but we were too bagged from travelling all day- sorry we didn't get to see you! Saturday OPM- great club, hiphop. Nice room, friendly people. Mostly black crowd, which we liked since where we live it's mostly white bread and we like the variety. Several wedding parties were there. Nice security guys, very nice djs. Thanks so much to Masterweb for the hook-up!! He is a sweetheart! We were way too late for guest list but chatted up the security so no prob (say hi to Kip for me, ha!). Really liked the music, haven't heard that much hiphop but the Master is a master and did some great mixing. Dance floor very, very packed, but no grinding like Pure, just really friendly dancing people. Loved it. The catwalk over the mall is cool- a small bar there and a nice place to take a breather. Cheetah's- Got picked up by an awesome limo driver for a free ride to strip clubs (let me know if you want his email). Stopped by the Rhino but the security had a bit of attitude- wouldn't let me in to check it out even with our guy! (We were 10 ladies with one guy). Sent him in for a looksee but he gave it a no- too snotty, we wanted more rowdiness like us. Off to Cheetah's. Loved it there. Got a table right away and a couple hot, friendly and fun girls- Coco and Rain. Got (and gave, ha!) lots of dances. Spent lots of money. Drai's- afterhours in the Barbery Coast. Thanks darkvixen!!! Gong show to get in out in the casino but we had the darkvixen connection so we were okay. Loved this spot- great dancers, good dj (house), cool set up with lots of hallways and pillers. Very nice security people, both inside and out. Lots of friendly people to meet, chat and dance with. Good contingent of hot gay men which is nice and made me happy. Hot chicks too, just all round great people. Hooked up with a super hot gay boy who took me to another club once Drai's closed. 5150? Not sure of name- afterhours in a strip mall...somewhere... with a sign out front that says "Live" in black and white. More trance music. Only about 20-30 people there but generally friendly crowd. Good spot for hookups if you want to get it on- had several invitations to interesting adventures. Sunday Body English- not bad, some good tunes but generally too crowded- it took a while to get a drink. Most expensive drinks I think. Hiphop Top 40 music, MTV style. Line up but again the connection made it okay. Walked down the red carpet with a photog- that was funny. Vip was way too packed so stayed on the main dance floor which is were most of the fun is anyways. Drai's- had to go back for more! The security remembered us from the night before so getting in was no prob. More great dancers and a super dj that night. Darkvixen- do you know who was playing? Saw you again in the bathroom! You are such a cutie! Comments: For sure have some sort of game plan before you go and get on some guest lists. Be friendly, have a good vibe, and have fun with both the staff and the other party people and you'll have an awesome time. Ignore the line ups, look for the people holding the lists and go talk to them right away. So glad we didn't reserve bottles or get any sort of package, totally didn't need it, but being on the list was key for sure. We all like to dance a lot and we thought it looked like having a table wasn't as fun- in some places you had to stay right by your table, and you were roped off from the fun, which to us is on the dance floor. All in all it was a wicked time and we all can't wait to go back!
  7. Roll Call ! June 11th Weekend

    Whew! Just got back, will report later. Thanks so much darkvixen & masterweb! It was great to meet you. Awesome time. Is 5150 that place in a strip mall that says 'Live' out front? I went there after Drai's on Saturday night.
  8. Roll Call ! June 11th Weekend

    We're off! See you on the dance floor!
  9. Roll Call ! June 11th Weekend

    Excellent, done!
  10. Roll Call ! June 11th Weekend

    Okay, thanks! We'll stay until about 2 and then go to the Rhino. Do I talk to you about the guest list? I tried to pm you but it didn't work. Let me know and I'll send you the details. [i see I'm getting repetitive on here. I'm just so giddy and stoked, barely make it through the day!]
  11. Roll Call ! June 11th Weekend

    We're all super stoked! It looks like our Saturday night will include Teatro, OPM (not for sure but I want to check it out), the Rhino, Drai's (thanks darkvixen!). Maybe we'll go back to Teatro after the Rhino, either that or Tabu. We're not really into the sports bar scene, so we could hook up with you at Teatro or maybe OPM if you're into that. I wouldn't mind going back to OPM after the Rhino- does anyone know if they let you back in without waiting in line? It probably wouldn't be until around 3am. I guess they close at 4 or ? Friday we're doing Ice, Seven (thanks Ariel!), and not sure what else, maybe Tabu that night. We won't be starting til about midnight that night anyways. I'd like to go to Krave too, because I love dancing with the gay boys. Sunday, haven't even thought about Sunday but Mr. Freeze at Tabu sounds cool. Either that or cruise around downtown.... or go back to whatever we liked the best! I'm trying to decide between the Rhino and Cheetah's- a friend from LA always goes to Cheetah's and he loves it and I've been hearing the Rhino is really good too. Our driver said Cheetah's would be too full at that time of night. We don't care how mixed the crowd is, we just want to see some hot strippers!
  12. Shopping

    We're mainly going for the nightlife and pool lounging but we'll do a little shopping too I imagine. There's a feather store and a store that sells stuff for showgirl outfits that several of us will be spending lots of time at. It's that kind of shopping we're interested in- stuff you can't get anywhere else. The place you're talking about, is that by the Mandalay hotel you mean?
  13. Music at OPM

    Cool. I sent you my email already- let me know what you are thinking. I'm guessing it won't be hard to find spots to check emails? Not sure how to connect with people once we are there otherwise. We're for sure game for a long night Saturday. Friday it depends, we have to drive 3 hours to the airport and we'll be shopping for the day before we leave since we'll be in the states (we're from BC). We're staying at the Trop- for the 24 hour pools- so there'll at least be an after party in the pools there for us and whoever we're with. My mistake, we land at 10. I must remember to book the limo! Depends on check in for when we'll be ready to go out, but yeah, we're guessing around 12.
  14. Music at OPM

    Hi djmasterweb~ Do you offer a guest list? We'll be in town Friday night but our flight doesn't land until 10:30pm. Maybe Saturday or Sunday night would be better, if that's an option. Please let me know, and when we'd need to be there by. Also is there a cut off for guest list requests- same day or...? Thanks so much and maybe we'll see you this weekend!
  15. Roll Call ! June 11th Weekend

    June 10-13 here! We're all super stoked! Not sure on our night plan yet- we've got a connection at the Palms so we might get something going on there- he's talking a cabana for the day and then a table at the club there. We'll see what happens. Other than that we'll probably go to Ice, Pure, Teatro, Tabu, Drai's... and a strip bar, we're not sure which one yet. I also want to check out Krave- I love dancing with the gay boys. It's hard to figure out what we want to do since none of us have been there before and we want to do so much... at night, in the day we'll be lounging around the pool.