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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQudNcpIG5o coming to beatport on mile end records
  2. enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJqZ5JZIgho
  3. unreleased bootleg... ;-)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJqZ5JZIgho hit me on facebook if you want a copy
  4. top 10 choonz of the week wmc 2011 two weeks this year=)

    i've heard my remix of black hole sun played at least a dozen times during wmc this year and i know its getting rotation at Ultra by a few brobots... enjoy the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJqZ5JZIgho :-)
  5. its just awesome
  6. Press Release: Having just about as many sub-genres as electronic music itself, Tech House has become as relevant in today's New Yorks club scene as freestyle was in the 80s, with the major difference being freestyle sucked and tech house is fkn awesome. Names like Mills, Atkins, Saunderson, and May are to techno what Elvis is to Rock, and whats even cooler is that these DJs are alive and kickin. Following in the footsteps of these innovators is a tidal wave of producers, and thanks to technology, more and more people are taking up EDM production every day. Sonido Local Recordings, a New York City based tech house label, is one of the labels to watch for. Top notch production, an umbrella of like minded artists / DJs and a slew of underground hits, SLR is fast becoming a label that you can rely on. Since the death of vinyl, there has been a massive decline in label loyalty. The days of walking into a record store, looking for your favorite label's logo and grabbing records just because you know you'll get quality based on the logo stamped on it are long gone. SLR is bringing that "record store" good feeling back by releasing uber high quality tracks back to back to back to back. Still topping underground charts world wide is the latest SLR release: Jason Jollins "Digital Rain" with remixes by Kenny Summit, Noa & Aldo Ron Sanchez. The youtube video for Digital Rain has reached over 20,000 views, which is unheard of for an underground track with no vocal. This track is being supported by today's biggest names including Butch, Axwell, Tiesto, Above & Beyond and others. "Digital Rain" the original mix has received rave reviews but its the stand out remixes by Kenny Summit, Noa & Aldo Ron Sanchez that have been getting all the club play. Check out the video and see what all the buzz is about: Check out SLR on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sonido-Local-Recordings/85409271161 SLR on BEATPORT: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/catalog/?contextType=labels&contextName=Sonido%20Local%20Recordings&contextEntityId=15734
  7. video is alright, just something to look at while you listen to the sampler...
  8. maybe you like, maybe you no like
  9. let me know what you think: facebook/kenny.summit
  10. if you're into soulful house... let me know what you think... facebook/kenny.summit
  11. Skylark @ Avalon May 20th

    nic is sick had an amazing time when he was spinning at CIELO one night
  12. Avaland drama. wtf? (eli "q" inside)

  13. Had fun 2 Fridays ago then made the treck to Bean Town again this past Friday w/ my bro to hear him spin at Embassy again. Got to Embassy to find my brother NOT on the decks but on the mainfloor at Avalon dancing like a maniac. Turns out that management double booked the djs for that night and gave Kenny the option of Djing (which would have just pissed off the other dj) or just hang out and get paid. So he picked the lesser of 2 evils and hung out. Big disapointment for me and my girlfriends who were looking forward to hearing some rock but instead were reduced to listening to dj half ass play the worse hiphop on the planet. Ahhh. Needed to vent. Thanks for listening. Eli, does the club normally double book events, have djs bumped out of their slots, and / or operate with little or no stability on a regular basis? I booked Kenny for years before he signed w/ his new management company and I wouldn't let shit like this fly. Frankly (who ever Frank is), I'm pissed that they treated him this way. Well, he did get paid and did get to dance instead of DJing. But thats not the point. Nervous Records had him do a release event up there this past Friday and they sent up t-shirts and cds to be given away and they all had kenny's name on it. The stuff was handed out but the music didn't represent what Nervous or Kenny had in mind. There is a certain amount of BS that take place at every booking, but to bump your headliner is CRAZY. Venting time is over. I'm going to get trashed tonight at Caine wish me luck
  14. ELI / Avaland Friday (review)

    Kenny & I danced on the main floor for most of your set on Friday. Had a wonderful time. U rocked it. Kenny had to spin in Embassy at midnight and I broke out after about 10 minutes. Pretty young crowd in Embassy. Couldn't really get into Kenny's set. He had to stick w/ the mainstream jammies and avoid the rock & mashups due to the age of the crowd. NO ROCK & ALL HIPHOP = ME NOT HAVING FUN, so I left. Came back at like 1:50 so we could all go out for a little night cap and I was amazed at how the entire club is really REALLY pumpin and then the music stops, everyone throws out their drinks, and leaves really quickly. It's a sin not to be able to stay open until 4am. I'm a bit too old for that club I think. Reminded me of what I was doing in 94 at the Tunnel. I just can't see myself letting loose in that place (it's an age thing). The music ROCKED though. Walked into Rise afterwards with Kenny and like a dozen people from Manhattan and they all said at the same time, "This is a club? Kenny's apartment is bigger than this place." It was hilarious (had to be there I guess). Owner was a nice guy though. Decent system for a "small" after hours. Nervous Records party this coming Friday. They're gonna have T-SHIRTs to give away. I'll make sure Kenny saves you one Eli. I'll put it in a bag for you, so before you leave, ask Kenny for it. Sorry I didn't stick around to meet anyone. There is only so much Jay-Z I can stand. M g'night. got work in 4 hours.