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  1. DC's very own Ultrabar-2007 Club World Awards

    Sorry to reign in on your low opinion of DC, but this region has a great nightlife scene and is home to some great establishments. As for Ultrabar, walk in there before you make assumptions. The place has been under new ownership for over 9 months now. Sure the building has been there for almost 100 years but the business is new and the club is new. The crowd is an early 30's, late 20's young professional crowd. Stabbings and shootings tend to happen at Go Go clubs, sorry to disapoint you. Hey, there are some great venues nominated on that list and there are some great new places in DC, so it's an honor.
  2. DC's very own Ultrabar-2007 Club World Awards

    Wrong. New owners, New Club. The place has been renovated. New sound system, new laser and light systems, New VIP 4th floor, New first and second floor. Very different from the Old Home Nightclub.
  3. 2007 Club World Awards! Ultrabar is nominated for the following awards: Best New Club in The USA: http://www.clubworldawards.com/nom04.htm Best Soud System: http://www.clubworldawards.com/nom05.htm
  4. Ultrabar is nominated for best new Club in The USA: http://www.clubworldawards.com/nom04.htm And Best Soud System: http://www.clubworldawards.com/nom05.htm
  5. Each and every weekend at Ultrabar...... . 4 floors with 4 distict music formats . Free admission before midnight . Open Bar from 10pm-11pm . $4 Peroni Beers all night . $5 Snow Queen Vodka mixed drinks all Night E-Flyer: http://www.ultrabardc.com/frisatemail.jpg Ultrabar 911 F St. NW 202.638.4663 www.UltraBarDC.com
  6. Weekend Special @ Home Ultra Bar! *Premium Open Bar fom 9pm-11pm *Free admission all night E-Flyer: Untitled Document Panorama | Featured Event Clubplanet Nightlife Community - club listings, nightclub, nightlife, bars and dance clubs from NYC to LA
  7. tuesdays.....

    Tuesday nights: MCCXXIII for info visit us at www.dcclubbing.com