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  1. Memorial Day Weekend

    i think rehab is just old news. mgm is the place to be now. rehab hasn't announced anyone probably because they don't have anyone.
  2. Memorial Day Weekend

    roger sanchez & serge devant are playing at drais on sunday night (5/25). tickets are $75 girls and $100 guys - www.wanttickets.com
  3. Memorial Day Weekend

    tickets for wet republic are on-sale now at wanttickets.com. presale is $75. any more word on armin coming this weekend? i heard that prive could not come to an agreement with him and that he was not coming. maybe he'll play at at different venue???
  4. Memorial Day Weekend

    i love trent cantrelle, but i won't be there until saturday saw danny "tenagellia" on saturday @ 1015 in san francisco. the guy is nuts, but his music is boring. the passes on ebay do not work anywhere during memorial day weekend, 4th of july weekend, labor day weekend, halloween weekend, or nye weekend.
  5. Memorial Day Weekend

    i just sent a message to someone named Justin Levine (Managing Partner for the Opium Group/Prive) to ask if Armin was really playing at Prive Memorial weekend and he said "sorry, its not true." does anyone know what the deal is? we are less than a month away and i can't find tickets for any of these events so far. also, does anyone know if drais sucks? i really want to find a good after-hours place, besides empire (i'm not a fan of danny teneglia). please let me know.
  6. Memorial Day Weekend

    you guys rock!!! thanks for all the great info. does anyone know about drais? what is the deal with that place?
  7. Memorial Day Weekend

    how do you get a cabana for the MGM pool party on 5/25?
  8. Memorial Day Weekend

    i hear you...but, i'm done spending a ridiculous amount of money on a room that i only use to sleep...which is also usually during the day, which means i often never make it to the pool! we now have 14 people so we thought it would be more fun if we could all stay together. i seem to be the party planner for this crazy group, so we'll see. let me know about the shows when you hear more. thanks
  9. Memorial Day Weekend

    haven't booked my hotel yet. there are 12 of us coming from san diego so we may get a 3 bedroom condo some place.
  10. Memorial Day Weekend

    now you're talking!! thanks, please let me know if you hear of more. looking for something to do late night/after hours. also, rehab if the music is good.
  11. Memorial Day Weekend

    thanks, but do you know which dj's will be in town?
  12. Memorial Day Weekend

    Does anyone know what is going on Memorial Day weekend? I know it's a bit early, but it is my birthday weekend and I need a good party!! Who's playing at rehab? Where to go for afterhours? Is Drais totally over? What about Empire?
  13. Vegas - New Years Eve!

    what happens in vegas...stays in vegas!!! jet, rehab, empire...food, food, food...shopping...cirque show (ka) all in 3 days time. i missed dubfire at drais because my group was too cheap and unwilling to pay. i'm guessing that was a great party. anyone go?
  14. I just got back from an amazing weekend in Vegas! Wow, so much to do & so many good party's. Anyhow, I know it is several months away, but I am planning on coming back for NYE. Please post things as you hear about them. I'm looking forward to rocking out all night long!
  15. Labor Day in Vegas

    What's Tao Beach going to be like? I thought Eric Morillo was playing at night? I'd much prefer a less hectic setting (if that's possible). I've been to Rehab once and it was a drunkin mess.