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  1. Random Thoughts #3

    I want cookies..oreos would be great
  2. Wassssup!!

    Hows everything go lately?? Just when I thought what could be worst than the heat, the power went out from tues til this morning!.. Im probably talkign to myself here.. holla back!
  3. ~Happy Valentime's Day~

    Happy Valentines Day to you! although Valentine's Day just isnt what it used to be.....
  4. Boris/sanchez Space 12/29!!!

    Sooo how was the party??...How new is Space? Is the Space that was open March this year new or old?..
  5. It's COLD in NYC.... news at 11....

    OH MY GOD!! ..lol..cant take it!..That was great November weather.. I should be your neighbor..
  6. Boris/sanchez Space 12/29!!!

    Space!!..Great place!. Had a blast at WMC/Boris this year.. How's Florida living going?? Today is cold and miserable..
  7. *Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!*

    Happy Turkey Day!
  8. Random Thoughts #3

    How awesome it is..to be able to make that sentence.. I woke up to snow today..here comes the depression..winter sucks..
  9. Shopping for a Girlfriend

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a gift card from Sephora..You can never have everything you want from there..
  10. It's COLD in NYC.... news at 11....

    Someone should shoot him dead..
  11. Random Thoughts #3

    Now that's how it should be. I cannot say enough, how much I HATE the cold. Sitting here at work with a blanket. Disgusting!. I should move to LA.
  12. a new look to a dead site...

    This blue works for me..the green was horrible.
  13. ~Princess Cruises~

    I would love to go on a cruise..possibly next year. WHere you going?
  14. Holla!!

    Busy working..but, I'm so over that "working" mode.. Whats going on here..
  15. That little voice inside your head

    Not fair! I dont get the little voice when I read..