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  1. Parantula @ ICON in ORLANDO

    Orlando was great! Love the people they have open hearts and open minds!
  2. Parantula

    Ah I see, ok fair enough. One chance to make a good impression.. Sorry to have failed you.. Please keep in mind that depending on the venue and the time slot and the crowd we are dj's that adapt. We don't say we play soulful, progressive, elctro or minimal etc, etc. We always say we play House, and we play to the crowd, simple to the point. If it's soulful deep house you sought Nocturnal was not the place and perhap an early afternoon set from when we played at Nikkis would have been to your liking or perhap you can join me at Pawn Shop on friday for the opening set and you can hear some. Be clear on that i'm not offended by your comment, but please don't ever judge us on one time, come have a drink or two on me if you still think we suck then I'll respect that...
  3. Parantula

    funny i've never seen you in the crowd, so how could you give any input... but you should get out more often enclosed spaces tend to make you angry...