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  1. Who is the next JP/Boris?

    Vic Latino
  2. World Hold On the Beach Just got Juicier! Bob Sinclar, Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso added to complete Juicy WMC! (Miami, Fl) World Music Award winner & World Cup theme composer Bob Sinclar along with Swedish Mafia mavens Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso are the icing on one enormous Juicy cake! Robbie Rivera’s already stratospheric Juicy Music WMC event which many are calling a “mini-fest†takes place Thursday March 22nd from noon to 5am at the Nikki Beach & Pearl Nightclub complex. The Swedish dirty house geniuses and the international chart topper behind “Love Generation’ and ‘Rock this Party’; will join an already formidable cast of international A-Listers. Together they will make one of the strongest house line-ups you’re ever likely to encounter in one place. Artists already confirmed include Gabriel & Dresden, Benny Benassi, Robbie Rivera, Judge Jules, Fedde Le Grand, Axwell, Chus & Ceballos, Dj Dan, Skribble, Mark Knight Judge Jules, Richard Vission, Starkillers, Harry Romero, Tom Stephan, Antoine Clamaran. Willie Morales and a slew of other huge names making this the “must attend’ event of the conference. (see below for full line-up) An expansion of last year’s sold out event at Opium Garden; this juicier mini festival will have dancing under the palm trees, party goers enjoying the sun, full restaurant service, white sandy beaches, and the world’s best DJs among the infamous Nikki Beach teepee and beach beds. Juicy Label owner Robbie Rivera explains; “I’ve chosen DJs who support Juicy Music and who I support musically. We understand that as a community we owe it to ourselves and fans to come together at WMC and support the music we love. So far the response from the public and industry has been incredible. I can’t wait to play. Experiencing such positivity from so many artists has renewed my faith in the scene.†Juicy Music is a household name to most DJs. Recognized for its quality house, progressive and electro music releases. The brainchild of Producer/DJ Robbie Rivera, Juicy Music’s arsenal includes Antoine Clamaran, Coburn, and emerging talent such as Willie Morales, Louie Padilla, and Rooster & Peralta. In 2005 a new WMC tradition emerged with the Juicy Music Event expanding the labels brand to event production. IF THERE’S EVERY ANY ONE PARTY YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS: THIS IS IT! ### For additional information on Robbie Rivera, Juicy Music & Juicy Events please go to http://www.robbierivera.com http://www.myspace.com/robbierivera http://www.myspace.com/thismusicisjuicy http://www.juicybeach.net JUICY BEACH Full Line-Up and Listing Venue: Nikki Beach, & Pearl Nightclub Address: I Ocean Beach, Miami Date: Thursday March 22nd, 2007 Doors: 12 midday till 5am (17 Hours) Age: 21 and over with Proper ID Tickets from $45 in advance $50 (includes day and night time parties) available at http://www.wantickets.com/?req=event&e_id=23591 or http://www.clubzone.com/store/cart.asp?product_iid=2492 Robbie Rivera Bob Sinclar Benny Benassi Gabriel & Dresden Antoine Clamaran Chus & Ceballos Axwell Steve Angello Sebastian Ingrosso Judge Jules DJ Dan Fedde Le Grand Richard Vission Donald Glaude Harry Romero Mark Knight Skribble Tom Stephan Richard Dinsdale Kurd Maverick Rooster & Peralta Willie Morales Nick Terranova & Austin Leeds aka Starkillers Eddie Thoneik Mar T Brian Cross Tony Arzadon DMS12 Louie Padilla
  3. cops closed crobar.....

    o the DEMOCRATS ARE SO GREAT hILAARY IS busy protecting "the children" from video games like Grand Theft Auto True Republicans, like myself are more liberterian, that means less is more, see Adam Smith for more info, we dont want big intruding government
  4. Another Crobar Snafu For Tiesto

    this is not a conversation about which EDM is the best, i like all so it dont matter, it was just wrong to be treated like shit and yes your right next time get tix
  5. I got online at 10:30, when i reached the front at 11:00 I was told tickets only, I was like what the fuck did I wait online for, did anyone else have this problem, they didnt inform the crowd of anything, finally i heard a bouncer say we are only taking people with tickets, that order comes from up top, except of course all those who were greasing the bouncers, what a fucked move, I understand its my fault for not getting tix, but why make me wait on line, and not notify any one.
  6. Dear-ultra-music Fest

    TAKE A LOOK AT THIS LINEUP, CAN YOU PLEASE TRY TO ADD SOME NEW BLOOD THIS YEAR SIMILAR TO THESE NAMES, AS WELL AS SOME DIFFERENT NAMES IN HOUSE AS WELL trance energy 2007 line-up PREPARE 2 DANCE! MAINSTAGE Paul Oakenfold Markus Schulz Cosmic Gate Johan Gielen Marcel Woods Sander van Doorn Phynn CLUBSTAGE Jean Rank 1 Bobina Jochen Miller Randy Katana Dazzle Ron van den Beuken HARDSTAGE Ton TB Bas&Ram Yves de Ruyter Scot Project Talla 2XLC Dave202 Francois FUTURESTAGE Ronald van Gelderen Gareth Emery Mark Norman Cor Fijneman Joop Serge Devant Menno de Jong
  7. for those of you who have never been to been Space Miami, the terrace is great, the main room is 'blah' , the orginiztion, information, security, order and everthing else Blows BIG TIME
  8. trust me there will be tag teamin goin on, it just might be in the back room
  9. whats ceilo loike??, hard to get into, more yuppie, or more dance sceneh
  10. Ultra new york

  11. Ultra new york

    on junkiexl site
  12. Asot!!!!!!!!

    sir please graduate from this board of nonsence and join us at tran*eaddict.com
  13. Soundfactory???

    Well said sir, my compliments the club had Guidos, good looking girls, juiceheads, dancers who thought they were pros in the basement, a DJ who was legendary in his day here in NYC, and Asians, many of these people are still trying to relive SF every time a DJ named JP performs at Pacha, For those of us who have moved on we like to go relax to the soothing sounds of Trance, and realize except for when Dt plays, or Morillo decides to put on a good set, the 90,s have ended.
  14. House Music Suggestions?

    The best dj isJonathan peters, in fact here at clubplanet evry thread basically revolves around him, once you get into JP, its just a matter of time before you realize how good Vic Latino is, and DJ Skribbles, but most people still understand JP if a DJ God. I recommend starting off with some Louie Devito CD's and than move on to soundfatory-1st,2nd,and 3rd editions,. this ought to show you how great NYC house music is