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  1. James Zabiela @ Pacha Review

    damn. each to their own i guess but james str8 rocked my socks on friday night. n all those breakdowns he whus throwing in kinda gives you a second to pause, catch your breath, then blast off again. one of the best sets/party vibes ive ever been lucky nuff to experince
  2. Richie F*kKin Hawtin June 3rd @ AVALON

    no, but the bad mixing i can blame on his mixing skills=P
  3. Richie F*kKin Hawtin June 3rd @ AVALON

    i seen richie at a club called Surface in ottawa. he played good trax in his set, but his mixing was some of the worst ive ever heard, the music came to a complete screeching stop like 3 times, maybe just an off night?
  4. Where's everyone goin this weekend??

    Unity: a love vibe project. Rabbit in the moons Monk n DJ freaky flow. *jizz*
  5. Farenheit 2.0 @ Webster Hall, Sun May 29

    a place called "The Docks". Destiny Production always puts on events there, same people who throw WEMF. (www.wemf.com)
  6. Farenheit 2.0 @ Webster Hall, Sun May 29

    cheesy trance, gotta love it. ill be there n kai tracid blows live, seen him in toronto a few months ago.
  7. Farenheit 2.0 @ Webster Hall, Sun May 29

    but yah, wtf mang, they gotta already know that scot project ain't gunna be there, sick gate crasher UK, orrr dirty websterhall NY, not hard to see which one he's going to show up for.. yet they're still promoting him to be there, thats just str8 up ripping ppl off.
  8. Farenheit 2.0 @ Webster Hall, Sun May 29

    uh, i got a feeling that those pics on that other page are ment as jokes...
  9. Spirit on fri may 20th looks to be good

    did i hear some one say shitty hard trance? god damn you fucks and your lifeless house=P at least make it hard house. with that said, DJ SCOT PROJECT @ webster hall.
  10. Farenheit 2.0 @ Webster Hall, Sun May 29

    no scot project?( and here ive been masterbating the last two weeks in anticipation
  11. The Twilo now?

    str8 up theres two differnt kinds of asians, they're either right cool ppl who are as fun to party with as any one else, and honestly alot better with glow stix then most or just str8 fuckups. at PVD on friday night there was this asian guy on the ground in the smoking section, str8 up drooling and puking his fucking guts out all over himself and the floor. it was nastttttyyy. but bouncers would just keep walking by not giving a shit. they gotta do sumthn bout the problem. it totaly kills the vibe seeing shit like that go on.
  12. Armin again at Spirit??, June 10, Awesome!!!

    i keep seeing ppl talk about ppl lined up to play at central park, but i cant find any info on it, any one care to post a link?
  13. n then theres the " its 5am and im too fucked up n tired to dance, dance " where you kinda stand on the floor n move your arms but just look pathetic
  14. Webster Hall??????

    i dont know about better music..this richie neale party comming end of may looks sick, DJ SCOT PROJECt, woot. crobar is a good venue but it gets wayyyyy too packed.
  15. Paul van Dyk @ Crobar, Fri 4/15

    tonly problem with the sound a crobar is you only get it if your in the middle of the dance floor, but you wanna talk about packed last night for PVD, it was stupid, you couldnt even move let alone dance