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  1. ~!~!~Looking for DJ headphones~!~!~

    check this page out http://www.skratchworx.com/reviews/headphonetest.htm i had sony mdrv-700 broke at the pivots after less than year now i have been rockin pioneer hdj-1000's and couldn't been happier. i also own hd-280, but i prefer using those for mix downs, and i have a pair of mdrv-500 but there no where near as good of a quality of the hdj1000's
  2. May Jams

    if your callin me pathetic, ill take it....im a noob
  3. May Jams

    Marco Lenzi - distance
  4. May Jams

    call me an idiot but where do you get these tracks? im trying to listen to them on www.dancerecords.com but no luck.
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    probably gunna get clowned for these but... Shapeshifters - back to basics thomas schwartz - more than a feeling
  6. April Jams

    do you think it could also be the fact that i was opening up? like i also play hip hop, its alot easir to switch track. with house/dance/trance, theres so many styles. and that what makes it harder for me to pick what people wanna hear.
  7. April Jams

    thanks all, yeah my dumb ass even spelled my name wrong, now im on the correct one. good shit here, now i know what poppin. because last time i dj'ed i felt that no one was really feelin what i was playin. last time i played, i played stuff like this audio bullys - bang bang global dj's - what a feeling vox mix white label - sweet vs pussy shapeshifters - back to basics dj sneak - the gas aubrey - no on in this world the killers - mr brighside tony moran & ric sena - waiting for alegria Royal gigolos - california dreamin white label - rebel rebel sylver - all this time Thomas schwartz - more than a feeling suzanne palmer - home those are just a few, i don't know if its me or the crowd, who know get back at me