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  1. Whats your manicure/pedicure style?

    I think the only reason we are talking french pedicure is the spring/summer season is here. Unless of course, your in miami or Texas or something. So since it is the season, i hope to see a lot of ffrench pedicures, but come winter I wanna see a lot of leather boots and pointy toe shoes!! Love those too!
  2. Whats your manicure/pedicure style?

    i just think the french maincure gives feet a clean look......and frankly dirty feet aint sexy! And I love the pic posted by the naughty one! What about your feet, huh?
  3. Stiletto Heels

    I love naughty babes who loves shoes
  4. Stiletto Heels

    I agree...nothin' sexier I could just lick 'em!
  5. Whats your manicure/pedicure style?

    I gotta see pics of these french manicured toes....anyone wanna send or post some?
  6. Pointy shoes for kickin'?

    yeah, I've been kicked before....i am curious as to the female side of it all
  7. Pointy shoes for kickin'?

    Who here has kicked an ass or nuts with your pointy toe shoes or boots? What details were involved in the altercation?