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  1. Ariel Moses B-DAY @ SOUL KITCHEN "RED ROOM" 06-08-06

    Happy Birthday Bro! You are getting old.....errrrr lol see you tonight!
  2. Tao on a Tuesday

    I believe we will be able to offer Las Vegas another alternative for their Tuesday's Night into Wednesday Dawn. I strongly believe on the great potential for this night and I have partner with Luca aka Digitalboy to bring all your guest from the Former TEATRO MGM House of Love afterhours which quitely but very succesfully ran Tuesday's and Thursday from 2am - 8am. We will have a great group of Guest DJs from all over the world playing on Tuesday's but we will be focusing on the Local Talent. For the Grand Opening DJ Jason Lema kick off the night with a sexy mixture of Funky House, Followed by the Amazing Set from Chris Gar-cia (Drais) followed by another great Set from DJ Digitalboy (formerly TABU, TEATRO and Studio 54) Digitalboy brings over 20 year of experience to the Vegas market he is a extremely succesful DJ all over Europe, he loves las vegas and he is here to stay and support the Nightlife scene. We are bringing some great DJs but we are not trying to promote who is playing we are concentrating in creating a great vibe and a great night to go out and let all the stress and complications of the daily grind, we would like our guest just to let go and be free have fun, network, and enjoy the night! We want to provide a no pressures environment! We are promoting House Music - We are calling Global House due to the bast variety of sub genres House Music has as well the great background and nationalities of all our Local Resident DJ's and DJs that will be join us from all over the world. Funky House, Chicago House, Miami House, Vocal House, Latin House, Electro House, to many to mention, the point is that the main focus on Temple Tuesday is House Music we are going to try to cater to all our guests within "THE HOUSE MUSIC" genre however you won't be listening to any Hiphop or any other type of music. We love music and we strongly support all Genres. I personally promote other clubs in town that offer multiple Genres on the same night. TAO has succesful night were guest can enjoy a variety of Genres. We are inviting everybody to join us we are not saying because you listen to rock or hiphop that you should not attend you are welcome to come check out the vibe and welcome to stay as long as you like, we are creating a casual hang out environment, however this is not the event or night for any other genre other then House music. We want all our guest to have a great time, and enjoy great music, It is no because I am one of the organizers and main promoters for Global House but we had about 500 people for the first night. We are very thankful and pleased that a lot of people came to the grand opening. We are not trying to go againts any other club or have a head to head competition with the only other club that offers a popular Tuesday night. We are simple trying to give our great vegas locals & visitors another alternative to their Tuesday Nightlife Outing. I wouldn't call it a pre-party to any other club we are the party and we are going to be opening 1 hour ealier this upcoming Tuesday to accomodate some of our guest that might to be at work early the next day. Please stop by and check it out the music is great and the amazing vibe this coming Tuesday May 23 Staring at 11PM email be to be added to the Guest List at: [email protected] We are very humble and appreciate all your support and we do what we do for the love of music and we greatly appreciate all the support and energy our guest bring us to all the Events we do. Keep your eyes and ears open we have many more new events coming all over las vegas valley at different locations and clubs. Best wishes, E - DJ BadDog
  3. House Music Every Tuesday Night Begins Tuesday May 16, 2006 @ midnight! Don't Miss it RSVP for Guest List
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  5. Ice

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  6. Vegas' Next New Hotspot!

    They are talking about TAO
  7. Wednesday's nights at ICE it's the New destination for all Locals to hang out and enjoy great music, dance, drink and be with all your closest friends. Come and party with us this and Every Wednesday. Contact me for table reservation To be added to my Guest list Simple Reply to this message or click on the link below ICE just opened it's doors on Wednesday nights. Come and check it out, cheap drinks, room to dance and to chill. Special table service for the locals and service industry crowds. House in the main arena with DJ Create, and hip-hop, rock, and 80's in the lounge with DJ Mark Stylz and DJ Presto One from the World Famous Rock Steady Crew!!!! CLICK HERE TO BE ADDED TO GUEST LIST .