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  1. BORIS Reviews!

    Party was great,specially cuz of the xtra hour .Vibe couldve been better without the 'IM BETTER THAN YOU' attitude,which unfortunately is always present at Crobar.
  2. Boris Videos From Friday Night

    any of you know where i could find the songs b4 mentioned????i tried beatport and iTunes but they dont have them ........
  3. Boris @ Pacha ????????

    :hoparound Boris rocks any room,anywhere @ anytime!!!!!!! Im curious to see him at pacha though,hope he rocks the fukkk out of those speakers lol!!!!hyped for this partyy
  4. Boris Videos From Friday Night

    FuKKKK Yeah!!!Sickk trakkkkk,thanx for the info guys
  5. Boris Videos From Friday Night

    the track on link 3 is fuckin insane!! anybody know the name of it???also,was the name of the track that goes,u r fucking sexy,u r a sexy fuck.......sickkk videos by the way,seems like the party was insaneeee.........
  6. DJ Vibe?

    is this 18 + or 21+????
  7. Chus and Ceballos/Calderone Review

    chus & ceballos play a decent set,but im kinda getting annoyed of all the "helmet breakdancing" in the middle of the dancefloor,once is cool,but 20000 times is annoying....It wasnt as crowed as regular Boris nights so we still had some xtra room to move around.Hope he rockksss Ultra!!!
  8. Boris this Saturday??

    I was wondering abou that too,but im happy to hear he's going to b e playing the usual good stuff he alwayss plays =)
  9. VOTE FOR BORIS @ CIELO | Thursday 8/17

    whats the deal with that party going on on the 26th,"Saturday Night Fever"????is it just a theme for the party or is he actually going to play reallly old tracks??????????
  10. VOTE FOR BORIS @ CIELO | Thursday 8/17

    The crowd was actually ok,it was pretty packed throughout the whole night up until i left at around 4,at least it seem like some of them were really there for the music and not just to be seen.
  11. VOTE FOR BORIS @ CIELO | Thursday 8/17

    Um,interesting..should i do thursday at cielo,or sat at crobar?????????by the way he fkcing killed bridgeciew sat nite.It was about time LI got a dose of some real house music.
  12. Evolve Calederone Reviews?

    My friends tried to stay until 9 but we had been there since 12 so we were exhausted and ended up leaving a around 7,what the fuck whats wrong with richie at the beginning of the night,he took 4ever to start dropping bombs,i know he couldve done better ;( good vibe overall though
  13. PAUL OAKENFOLD at crobar 7/3

    Is He Spinning For 2 Hours?!!!
  14. Erick Morillo

    Ok,this is my question.I have never been to any of his shows,but was thinking about going to Neptunes too check him out.What type of house does he play(progressive,soulful,hard,etc)?If he spins tracks like 'BREAK DOWN THE DOORS' Im sooooooooo in!!!!! Thanz for the Help;)