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  1. crobar

    Damn ... I had never seen crobar's interior so well-lit until those pics above.
  2. Crobar:School of Clubbing 7 year reunion Party

    Is Mrs. Damon going to be there?
  3. Analysis: How the US 'lost' Latin America

    Latin America's worst enemy = itself. Every Latin country in the hemisphere can turn left, elect another Castro-wannabe, etc., and it won't impact the U.S. at all (other than, perhaps, more illegal immigration). Until people in Latin America learn to take a longer view of things -- and not allow the next fast-talking politician to convince everyone they'll have a new house and car by this time next year -- the whole region is doomed to more failure. Chavez is a joke, Morales will fail miserably, and none of the other lefties have done a damn thing for their people. After all, Fidel only has so many doctors he can loan out in exchange for oil and sugar.
  4. tonight (Thursday) at Pearl?

    Anyone been to the Thursday night 1980's party at Pearl? Anyone have a review or a hook-up for guestlist, etc.? Thanks very much ...
  5. Thursday, March 9?

    In Miami and have a meeting in North Bay Village Thursday night (March 9). Never been to the Beach on a Thursday; anything good going on? People have already mentioned Mansion, Cafeteria and Pawn Shop. Anything else? How is the 1980's party at Pearl? Who has the guestlist for it? Thanks ...
  6. SOTU Sessions on The WOMB Radio [Begins January 2006]

    Damn, that's too bad. Fridays were great and it seemed like Obby/SOTU was a good draw for Crobar.
  7. SOTU Sessions on The WOMB Radio [Begins January 2006]

    Slightly off-topic ... Does SOTU still do Fridays at crobar? Haven't seen any promo's other than the 1-year anniversary, which I had to miss. Thanks ...
  8. "After Midnight" at BED

    I just read about BED's "After Midnight" party that they're having from midnight to 5 a.m. New Year's. It looks like it's too late to get a ticket online; anyone know if tickets will be available at the door? I wasn't planning to head to SoBe on NYE but this looks like a good party. Feel free to PM. Thanks.
  9. I Heard Another Rumor............

    Hey, take it easy ... I'm not a local.
  10. I Heard Another Rumor............

    Would crobar be running a new, second club downtown or moving crobar out of the South Beach location?
  11. Reasons why you should be a Democrat

    Uh, this might have been interesting say, pre-Katrina.
  12. Poker in Miami Revisited!!!!!!

    What/when are the events in Costa Rica? Thanks.