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  1. The Twilo now?

    Question -- do clubs like Crobar not have good atmospheres for rolling, etc. then? And if not, what would have a good atmosphere?
  2. The Twilo now?

    Thanks for the replies all! Really appreciate the help. Hmm I guess I'll wait for Sasha & Digweed at Crobar this time around, since not a big VC fan. It's very sad that Twilo hasn't been replicated yet... it's been a few years!
  3. The Twilo now?

    Hi all, I haven't been clubbing very much since the sad, sad demise of Twilo. Do you know what club(s) would be reasonably satisfying substitutes? I used to be a Sasha & Digweed fan, but haven't been following DJs for a while, not sure who's comparable. Any tips and pointers would be much appreciated!