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  1. 3 Hours of Reading

    So, I've spent the last 3 hours cruising through all the Vegas nightlife posts. There is a TON of info in here. Some of you guys seem very dedicated to helping out the locals and vistors alike. I am sure it is appreciated by everyone. I know this question has been asked MANY times and it has received many responses. However, apparently the answers are difficult for me to grasp. I have read the questions and answers about VIP/Line Passes (from cabbies, street flyers), Hosts, Doormen, etc. Clubbing in Boston isn;t nearly as complicated and while I have a few friends at certain places, people can usually get in just about anywhere if they get there early. If my wife and I are interested in checkin out a few of the hot spots during our trip next week, is it best to just arrive early and chat with the doorman or is it worth the extra cost (on top of other tips and such) for any of those commercial offers with places like Vegas.com or even that Vegas-Passport thing I saw a few press releases about? We're likely to be arriving early and making early departures (by Vegas standards, say...1am or so). I know I can't expect to roll up after midnight and flash a piece of paper expecting ushered right in and wouldn't even consider trying to, but if we are arriving near/before opening times is the cost of these various "deals/offers" worth it? I am guessing the answer is no and our best bet is just to roll up early and help fill the clubs during the early hours. :-) Thanks in advance. Reposted since the intial post failed last night and I was too tired to wait for the server again.