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    Indie Rock (Notesfromtheunderground), Breakbeats/house (JumpTheory)
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    Music (Yes I do make enough just doing it.. just enough lol)
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    I have a girl but she wont call me.
  1. What are you listening to right now?

    my room mate snoring .... i may kill him
  2. Important Bar Poll PLEASE PLEASE READ

    badidea i hate it i go to a bar for a drink not to watch a screen
  3. the crystal method/evil 9

    stu bradley is fuking brilliant
  4. New Order Tickets May 5th

    bullshit New Order were pioneers 60 is nothin to see these guys in action again
  5. the crystal method/evil 9

    I suppose you got to like ian brown did you check out no 4 hyper come with me
  6. the crystal method/evil 9

    yeh so did i,i love the smashing pumpkins remix what do u think?
  7. the crystal method/evil 9

    they dont pay their taxes, steal candy from babies, and lie on their taxes, all while shagging your mom in a church . Have you seen the flyers they have out for the event yet? I think theres one at rhytmism, http://www.rhythmism.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21871 thekid