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  1. Saeed Younan - Deep Freak EP

    Already warming up the Beatport Top 100 House and Tech House Charts The new 4 tracks slammer appropriately titled the DEEP FREAK e.p is out on beatport.com. this week. To listen and download click on this link. https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/artist/detail/816/saeed_younan DJ’S PLAYING IT: DJ Chus, DJ Vibe, Roger Sanchez, Trent Cantrelle, Peter Bailey…Plus more! Release Info: Yes Yes back at it once again! Rude boy Saeed Younan hitting us up with the Deep Freak EP! Starting off with the Bonus Track “Sax Moveâ€. Saeed set’s it off right with his vintage bass lines we've all grown to love, along with the added saxophone delivering straight up sex appeal from beginning to end! Heavy support already from the S-Man himself Roger Sanchez on his weekly radio show. The Original Deep Freak is a track with a driving rhythm, which can be described as that good ole feeling from the earlier days of house music. Certainly brings you back to the big room madness with the added touches of the tribal tech grooves with that Saeed Younan feel. With wicked remixes from Carlo Lio and our homeboy Afroboogie from Dubai
  2. Mobin Master - One More Time

    Hey our buddies from down under at Bamboo Music have released their latest single "One More Time" from Mobin Master with remixes from Saeed Younan, Hess and Tribal Funk peep the link to check it out https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/artist/detail/816/saeed_younan cheers, Luke
  3. After a successful chart topping E.P (Port Saeed E.P) last August. Saeed is back with a new single titled “Clockinâ€. This time he teams up with remix buddy MastikSoul to deliver a bass driven big room breaker. Both mixes carry their signature sounds, adding quirky bleeps and bouncy beats. Already a favorite to some of the biggest DJ’s around Like Danny Tenaglia and Damian Wilson (Cr2 Rec.) Take the time to check it out, you won't be disappointed. Click on the link, to download your personal copy! https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/artist/detail/816/saeed_younan Cheers, YM Team
  4. Hey Everyone, Our latest release on Younan Music is NOW available at Beatport.com. Make sure to click on the link to download your personal copy. https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/label/detail/539/younan_music Artist: Sebastian Swann Track: Dans Everybody, Spin The Bottle Label: Younan Music Catalog: YM034 Younan Music is back at it again. After the recent success of the Port Saeed EP which hit the top 10 Proghouse chart for over 3 weeks now, we continue with discovering new talent in the country of Italy. Newcomer Sebastian Swann hits us up with two tracks. “Dans Everybody and “Spin The Bottleâ€. With Major support from the likes of John Aquaviva and Saeed Younan. Both tracks are filled with tech house and progressive grooves, and will have your dance floor hypnotized with the funky bass lines and rhythms. If you were feeling our previous releases, and looking for something with a bit of a swing, then this definitely one to look out for!
  5. Saeed Younan Secures The Port!

    That’s right, folks: Saeed Younan, international DJ and producer has developed and secured his own port and area in the world, somewhere around his home country of Iraq and close by Dubai. When asked how this came about he simply replied, “From all my years of DJing and producing and traveling around the world, I invested my money in real estate for hopes of future profits on a rainy day, ‘cause you never know when this whole DJing thing may come to an end. I developed Port Saeed as a means to show of all the hard work over the years through my love and passion for electronica music†Check the in depth interview of how it all started on Beatportal Saeed Younan Secures His Own Port In The Middle East | Beatportal
  6. Saeed Younan Secures The Port!

    Our most outlandish release yet! Saeed Younan has been in the studio for months preparing something spicy and muy muy caliente! Starting it off with “Wassup Wasabi†(Track 1 & 2 on This E.P) is about a young man’s journey as he embarks upon a wild adventure to finish one of his spiciest meals yet! Filled with haunting Prog-house sounds, a side dish of extra buildups and tribal grooves! This track will have you asking for seconds from Chef Younan! As another entrée “Tek The Bass†(Track 3) is a track of Sumo proportions. You will be yelling “get in my cd player…get in my cd player!†I guess you can say this one is heavy on the bass and less on the wasabi. Vintage tech-house sounds from Saeed Younan with colossal grooves, rhythm and a hella sexy bass line…sooo sexy that the staff at Younan Music will have to ask you that you DO NOT Kiss the Cook! After the entrees and the main dish, that’s right folks we have reached the climax of this EP….The dessert, and on this menu the funk is about to hit the fan! We are talking about the “Speaker Funk†(Track 4) is filled with energy and funk, it will get you so worked up!…you may just end up in a food coma. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Click On The Link Below To Download Your Copy NOW!!! https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/label/detail/539/younan_music
  7. "Ethnic" enters the Top 10 Progressive Chart @ Beatport
  8. Currently #62 in the Top 100 Prog chart
  9. YOUNAN MUSIC is proud to present ADDY with a slamin new single titled "ETHNIC". Addy is best known for his work with ADAM K on several projects, including "Sub Cultured" which was released earlier this year on ADAM'S own label (HOTBOX DIGITAL) and MARK KNIGHT'S massive label TOOLROOM along with "Better day" which also came out on Toolroom and was licensed numerous times to different labels including GLOBAL UNDERGROUND. On the remix tip, we have Washington D.C's MIKE HADDAD & ROYCE HAVEN turning it out on the flip side. Droppin the rhythm in full effect and taking a different route all together! With an added edit from ADAM K! "Ethnic" - A sure-fire dance floor pleaser...DEEP SOLID WET GROOVE with an ethnic twist! Support from: Miss Nine Bush II Bush Chus & Ceballos Dr. Kucho! Hector Romero Stryke Manzone and Strong Kris Menace Eli Wilkie (Porter House) and many more.... Download your copy now! https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/label/detail/539/younan_music
  10. Saeed Younan "To The Beat" 2008 Remixes Available Now

    Our Believe release is still doing well in the Electro chart, returned to the Top 100 again.
  11. AVAILABLE NOW! @ Beatport.com Support & Praise coming from: Tommy Lee & DJ Aero Deadmau5 Olivier Giacomotto Starkillers aka Nick Terranova David Guetta Laidback Luke DJ Exacta Josh Da Funky 1 George Morel Tedd Patterson Deko-ze MC Flipside Direct link to download your copy now: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/label/detail/539/younan_music Artist: Saeed Younan Remixes: Sydney Blu & Matteo DiMarr, Midnight Society Track: To The Beat Label: Younan Music Catalog: YM031 Saeed Younan's "To The Beat!" Our chart topping #1 Hit from 2007 receives a 2008 flavor on top of flavor remix. Two remixes to choose from catering to both the Electro House and Progressive heads out there. First off is a HUGE Electro remix from Sydney Blu & Matteo DiMarr whose latest work has spent a significant amount of time in the Top 10 Downloads @ Beatport. When Sydney first unleashed the remix @ the WMC Mau5trap party, it literally had Tommy Lee doing backflips in the DJ Booth! Support and praise is coming from Deadmau5, Tommy Lee & DJ Aero, Olivier Giacomotto, Starkillers aka Nick Terranova, Exacta and more. This remix is much anticipated as it is her follow up to her chart topping original “Give It Up For Me†previously released on Deadmau5’s Mau5trap label. Matteo DiMarr is no stranger to the production scene either, releasing an abundance of tracks under a variety of names ranging from M1, FPS, and House Music United, his latest release sampled Barrack Obama “Yes We Can†and reached to the #2 Top Download @ Beatport.com. On the other remix we have New York City’s own Midnight Society hitting us up with a deep, dark and sexy Progressive House number, NYC is definitely up in this MuthaF#&$*! Check them both out and find out why, We Just Can’t Get Enough!
  12. Saeed Younan - Believe YM029

    Currently number 11 in the Electro chart Get your copy today! @ www.Beatport.com
  13. Saeed Younan - Believe YM029

    Available NOW! @ http://www.beatport.com Artist: Saeed Younan Title: Believe Remix : Mobin Master (aka Tribalfunk) & Kreamdip Label: Younan Music We’re back at it again, delivering you with some choons and the vocal we know you are all familiar with. You get three mixes to choose from, starting out with the original by Saeed Younan delivering a popping groove that entails a twisted techie edge on the buildup. Next is a remix from Washington D.C newcomers Kreamdip which takes you on a deep and trippy journey with their own interpretation of the track. Finishing it off, is a remix from Mobin Master (aka Tribal funk) who just turns it into a dirty little electro number that screams filth and immoral ness.
  14. Rude Boy - Hear This!

    Big fat bass lines, and rolling beats. Featuring Zeebo laying down the riddim from the group See-I, and a reggae vocalist who's best known for his work with Thievery Corporation. You get 3 mixes here. The original full vocal, a crazy big room madness mix titled 'Rude Beat', and a remix from Miami's own Robbie Rivera hitting us up with his vintage Juicy sound…Hear This! AVAILABLE NOW! @ http://www.beatport.com Cheers, Luke