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  1. Speedo G or B?

    Did you actually check it out? If you did what did you think? RG
  2. Speedo G or B?

    How often do you all actually see guys wearing a speedo? Personally I don't know why anyone would ever wear one. Recently a friend of mine asked me to spread the word about these two guy's site because they know absolutely nothing about the net. AXE paid the two guys, Evan and Gareth, $25,000 to go around picking up women and making a playbook of what works and what doesn't, wouldn't you love that freaking job? Well anyways last week they were in Miami (now they are in LA) and I thought it was hilarious to see Gareth in a yellow speedo and the comments Miamians had to make haha... check it out if you are in the mood for a laugh http://www.evanandgareth.com/blog/mediawindow.cfm?uploadid=101 and be sure to let me know what you think, of the video and what the guys are doing. Wish I was in Miami, RG