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  1. DAFT PUNK in the house (Brooklyn)

    This is gonna be the party of the summer!!! I bought my tickets as soon as I found out. Finally we get some real talent rather than all the regular bullshit DJ's that have been comin lately...
  2. Anyone have extra tickets for the Friday July 20th show???
  3. the official I fuckin miss miami thread

    The OM party on Friday night @ Nocturnal was off the hook!!! The lineup was sick. The terrace kept on goin till well in the morning and DJ Dan kept the glass room pumpin with his sick beats that night...
  4. Hey Everyone, the gig for this Friday @ Sin-E has been cancelled...
  5. What a party!!! One of the best one's i've been to within the last yr. Props up to Sullivan Room and the People crew for throwing a great bash. You ringed in my new yr proper
  6. Hey does anyone know if Sven Vath is still booked to play at Pacha on April 1st??? Saw a thread saying he would be there but haven’t heard anything bout it recently. The thread was up here a while ago, if anyone has any info. plsreply back, Thanks
  7. PVD tickets @ satellite

    Hey does anyone know if satellite is selling tickets for PVD @ Roseland and if so, how much are they from there?
  8. DJ Dan and Bad Boy Bill @ crobar 2/24 [18+]

    About time these 2 great DJ's play @ Crobar rather than at Avalon..... Im sure they'll tear the house down.... can't wait
  9. Sasha + Digweed at Crobar was on April 1st, that was pretty good as well but I prefer Digweed when he is alone
  10. John Digweed at Spirit - Sept. 2nd - best set I heard this year plus the best crowd at a club. Everyone was friendly, plenty of room to dance, it was perfect.... Hope he comes back soon
  11. time machines this sat suckas...

    Anyone have any idea about a track that Junior Sanchez dropped at round 4:30 - 5 in the mornnin when he was playin some old skool stuff, it had a woman's vocal and its an old song remixed....
  12. DJ Dan @ Avalon tonight!

    Was he there and if he was, how was it???
  13. I'll be at Crobar on the 15th for sure..... Should be a blast
  14. Boris @ Mor in Stamford CT

    I think Boris is over rated, Saw him once at crobar, did'nt really enjoy it too much, sort of like JP, he has a loyal crowd followin ant thats bout it, Much better DJ's out there.... just my 2 cents

    Yeh ppl, I also made the trip down to San Fran for the Loveparade last wkend and it was a great time out. It was probably one of the best parties/event i've been too, I began partyin at 1 in the afetrnoon and kept on goin till bout 6 a.m. ITs a great city and for them to do the loveparade right in front of City Hall, thats just crazy, insane but great its the best, sort of wished I was livin down there instead of NY, They have a really good scene down there, will definately try to go again next yr....