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  1. Anyone to IBIZA this summer?

    Hey bro, depends on what you want out of your Ibiza/Eivissa experience. If you want a holiday surrounded by idiots, meatheads, drunkards, drugged-out user/losers and women who think they're good enough to outshine Girls Gone Wild - but haven't even got that much class - then go spend your holiday in San Antonio. If you want a bit more knowledge, history, euro-cosmopolitan and beauty - stay in Ibiza Town. If you, like I do, want a place up in the valleys, where you can relax and really enjoy your holiday - get a villa with pool, get some people together to spread the cost - I like San Josep. If you go to this link and use the Google Earth map, you can have a good look at the areas you may wanna be in, http://www.ibizaholidays.com/google-earth-ibiza/google-map.asp Theres a couple of really nice restaurant/bar/clubs outside of the main areas - like Bambuddha Grove & Aura, which completely rock for a way different type of feel. In the end, its your choice and whatever you do choose, i hope u have a rockin' vacation Peace DJ Hoki (NZ/UK)