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  1. Is Cielo that hot of a club?

    not sure about the filming - i saw that too. but the party at Cielo thursday night was incredible. great music and the friendlist bunch of people yet. and of course, bugz in the attic. these guys really do rock. such a funky, soulful, rejuvenating night. oh yeah, cielo on Monday and Wednesday the best parties.
  2. club suggestions

    seriously do you really know what you are talking about????? just in the other thread you are all for a "strict door" but yet you frequent parties at SHELTER and LOVE, places where there is none of that door drama you held so dearly??!?????? i take it that shelter and love should start banning all those ugly, grungy, sweaty looking dancers??? help me out here
  3. Attn: Crobar Personel

    you know - i really enjoy reading your reviews on parties. but i am baffled that someone like you who have been in the scene for a long time, who have been at one poiint or another involved in the rave community/parties, would have such a microscopic mentality regarding door selection. i would have expected that a former raver like you of all people be more open minded, considering that ravers are generally not elitist and have their fair share of drug use, perhaps even getting mangled at one point or another. i do however sense a little bit of elitism in your comments. but perhaps your anal obsession with crobar is tainting your ability to judge the issue in a non-biased way. of course, i might defend crobar anally if they got me preferentially treatment at the line - like you bragged about in the past... BUT it would not cloud my reasoning and give me an excuse to elevate myself beyond the clubbing peers. me personally - i leave my pretension and arrogance at home and get focused on the dance floor. by the way, did we not have a great time together at dj sneak playing at sol????
  4. Can’t we all get along?

    haha. only doing it for 2 years, yet have the audacity to speak about what clubbing is about...even, the balls to decide who gets into clubs and what n ot. unless you are doing it long enough - you don't have any credibility man. look up the word "amateur." you are certainly one in my book, and i have been in the scene almost as long as you have been alive. and yeah, saying "it's on" and bragging about your girl to establish self-worth to others who respond to your idiotic postings certainly qualifies you as only an amateur.
  5. Can’t we all get along?

  6. Can’t we all get along?

    but yet you seemed to bitch about how cielo tried to rip you off with a bottle service.. fucking hypocrite.
  7. Can’t we all get along?

    haha. there is an asian thread every 3 months with 10+ pages. crobar is one of the WORST venue to be in - crobaralex/phil and all the other crobar FAGS can kiss my ass - I ain't wasting a dime on this fucking venue. All bunch of asian crackheads, guido fuckups, hip hop gangstas, prancing homos - who can deal with all this shit??!?? seriously you guys don't know the true asian dancers - you are going to the wrong places!! some of the best dancers happen to Asian and they are ripping it in places like shelter, 718, cielo mondays/wednesdays.
  8. NY is the S**T

    your man sounds like a total dork loser.
  9. This guy comes Highly Recommended..

    what kind of 47 year old loser would show up in a club with a mask looking like some serial killer??? hahaha. talk about a terrible mid-life crisis. and women actually fall for this?? haha. tell me where these women are at 'cause i want to get some easy skanks too.
  10. you people are really PATHETIC! Yeah YOU!

    didn't have a good new year?
  11. when is the sh*t for cielo happening? who's playing that night
  12. JOHNNY [email protected] on thurs aug 11th

    anybody made it out to see JV last night? thoughtts on how big house music fit cielo's sound system.
  13. just got back from jp s9

    Anyway I went for a bit on Thursday, but had to leave early because of work. It was an okay experience - made the most of it while I was there. There were some minor problems with the music being "paused" unexpectedly for several seconds - kinda threw me off the rhthym for a bit there. Not sure if this was related to the computer set up that he had up on stage. The music selection - well mediocre, but okay enough to dance to. Anyway I agree that the crowd was a mixture of features - good and bad. But that's going to be expected when you have a relatively high profile event like that. But if an individual was there to have a good time and he/she was minding his own business - I don't really give a damn. I am not sure why people are so bothered by who's showing up.
  14. Jonathan Peters @ Studio 9, Thurs 7/14

    Just came back from the club. I got there a little early as I didn't know the area and figured it would be nice to check the area out. Security was pretty tight - they frisked you from top to bottom, and there was a no reentry policy at the front. JP came out around 10 pm, and the place really started to come alive at 11 pm. Overall, the crowd was pretty chill and the vibe in the club was good for the most part. I had plenty of room to dance in the front, and didn't feel any sense of imminent danger coming from anybody. By the time I had left, the place was packed. IMO, not a bad experience like people predicted. Would be interested to hear some other reviews.
  15. hello from london!!

    I wonder if this will be a wake up call for better security for public transportation in America. I had often taken public transportation and wondered if there was anybody around who was up to no good. I guess everybody should be cautious but continue with their lives.