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  1. Memorial Day Weekend

    who is spinning at rehab for mdw?
  2. I just booked Mem day

    hard rock baby
  3. Vegas MDW - DJs???

    i would like to see morillo at rehab, i think he is a better dj for that type of party....but jp is gunna kill it though lol
  4. Who is the next JP/Boris?

    i might have to come check you out...send me 2 hard beats and you got a deal
  5. Contact me for info $15 tixs in advanced.....open bar from 9-11
  6. What if? and what would you think?

    y would they move...27th street has nutin to do with crobar...crobar is on 28th
  7. TONITE ITS ON!!!......lou's guestlist at the door!!!
  8. Victory w/ Jonathan Peters @ Pacha, Sat 9/23

    if anyone needs tickets let me know!!
  9. This Party Is Gunna Be Sick!!!!.....i Would Give Up A Kidney To Make Sure I Will Be There!!!!!
  10. morillo @ rehab sun 9/3

    didnt happen, rehab was nutz though!!
  11. morillo @ rehab sun 9/3

    im from nyc im leaving for vegas now my friend is good friends with morillo and told me he is spinning at rehab...it is a suprise!!..that would be sick!!
  12. First time Vegas with the Girls where to go?

    vegas dont have house music like NYC....closet thing u got is morillo at TAO on sunday
  13. how late is morillo goign, and how hard will it be to get in to tao