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  1. attn yankees

    Go arod 75 HRS
  2. attn yankees

    the red sox cant stop winning...lose already
  3. attn yankees

    Did anyone se the game today...GO Womack!
  4. a-rod

    If arod stays hot the yanks cant lose...we also need pitching
  5. attn yankees

    that doesnt affec the yanks...if our pitching is good we cant lose
  6. i want the heat to win so kobe knows shaq is the reason they won
  7. John Patterson and Rich Harden

    Go YAnkess!
  8. fantasy baseball is crap compared to football
  9. use him against righties and then take him out
  10. we have the most runs let up
  11. Miami Heat SUX!!!!

    they cant handle good teams anymore
  12. my thread

    please be quiet