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  1. Any exacta reviews??!!

    This guy is the real thing!!! I can't believe every time I go out to hear him spin I leave more and more amazed . From beginning to end wasn't a bad track, mix, or blend. EXACTA YOU KILLED IT AGAIN!!! Does anyone know when he is spinning next? All I have to say is WOW I am just completely floored with how good the music was last night.
  2. EXACTA @ PACHA Saturday December 9th

    HERE WE GO!! I have been posting for a while since my Wake up NYC posts about Exacta. I knew from the first time I heard him spin that he WAS THE NEXT SUPERSTAR DJ OUT OF NYC. Everytime I hear him each set gets better the music gets more insane and this guy just simply tears it up. I am expecting nothing but the most insane upfront house I have heard in years on Sat. I am usually too old and tired to get excited about a night or a DJ but to be honest when I see something building and I feel by just going out I get to be a part of this growing movement, it gets my heart racing. I love being able to say I was their from the beginning so once again I ask you all to WAKE UP NYC and come hear what I am talking about. Because this guy is going to bring NYC back to where it belongs as the Mecca of House.
  3. Exacta @ Pacha Roll Call!!!!!!

    I'll be there from the first track to the last!!! I am actually forcing my friends who normally don't go to Pacha to get their asses to this event to hear what I have been talking about. Can't wait to hear this guy completely blow everyones mind!!!!
  4. Bull, you want a comment, instead of a comment I am making a factual statement. I normally call Exacta an Up and Comming Superstar or Next big thing. After hearing that set at Pacha I am taking up and coming and Next out of the equation. THIS GUY IS A SUPERSTAR!HE IS A BIG THING! Every time I hear this guy spin it only gets better. I think I am going to have to change my posts from Wake Up New York, to Get Ready World!!!
  5. Wake Up Nyc Part 3 Exacta Killed It Again

    That's what I have been talking about. From what I am hearing he is going to be a very big name very soon. His production is ridiculous, this guy keeps killing it every night I hear him. I think this last set at Pacha was even better than the other two. I will def be at Love to hear what he's gonna spin next. I also saw someone mention about a world tour can they please give more details. Does this mean he's leaving NYC? I hope not.....
  6. Once again I feel i proved my point. Thank you Exacta you went beyond my expectations and really made Sat night something special. If you read these boards I want you to know each time you spin you are building new believers, so please" keep doing your thing and I promise as a fan to keep giving my support. One Love and Much Respec
  7. SIlverbull I am going to listen to Lola's set now. When is or is Exacta's set going up?
  8. i think playing new stuff is important like anythinng else in life. It is why stores and artists always work to have new material. In fashion for example stores work vigarously to be a season ahead. If a store doesnt have the newset and hottest stuff they will go out of business. It is even more so with music. A store puts the newest stuff in the window. a dj or musician does the same.
  9. Like I said EXACTA is the absolute real deal! Played a totally different set than last time and he rocked it. Most dj's play the same sets for month. I never heard most of those tracks before. I have found my favorite DJ! Simply amazing. The energy was awesome and the dance floor was packed till I left.
  10. Thank you Pacha and Bull for bringing Exacta back!! This night is gonna be amazing..
  11. Dj EXACTA fans and STIMULUS>RESPONSE fans

    Exacta spinning and Bull is promoting I am def. there. I can't wait for Exacta to blow the roof off of Pacha. This time I am comming with heads. Count me in plus like 20. I can't wait to show everybody what I have been talking about. Much Respec and Admiration
  12. Bull in the first post you mentioned about it going to be an interesting few months and this one you mention aug. specifically. Ya holding out on any good info for us.
  13. Trust me bull this kid is not about boom boom boom. I would never have talked so wildly about any DJ who did that. As for some of the names that you mentioned I have heard Deepspell, Keith Blackstone, Ted Patterson and Hector Romero. And I am telling you they are all great but this kid Exacta has got it. I dont even know if I can put my finger on it but I am telling you he is gonna be the biggest thing to come out of NYC in a long time. Do me a favor, the next time he spins check him out and tell me what you think. I am sure you will get bitten by the same bug that got me. Much respec and admiration, and as always keep doing your thing
  14. What I would love to see after seeing him at Pacha and Asseteria is Exacta at Cielo!!!! I think he would take that intimate setting and make it magical....
  15. I am gleaming with joy to share this post with everyone!! I ranted and raved on the last one about supporting djs and our need to help bring new New York superstar DJ's to the forefront of music. I really know now I was right when I mentioned Exacta. I normally don't go out for the Asseteria party, but when my friend called me and told me Exacta was spinning; I decided to be more than talk and get my ass out there and support the guy who I was backing so fiercly on this board. Once again this guy out did himself. I got there at 12:00 and this kid was killing it. I want to say he was playing dirty sexy house all night but to be honest he kept switching it up with the most seamless mixes of Sexy, hard, and tribal house. I watched this guy control the crowd and they were feeling his every mix. Every track was perfectly placed after another. At about 3:00 when he got off I could tell the difference immediately it wasn't that the music or DJ was bad, I just felt a complete difference in the vibe. I recently watched the documentary Maestro and it seemed again and again the interviewees kept saying the best dj's tell a story through their sets. I CAN CONFIDENTLY SAY EXACTA TOLD HIS STORY. If you had any doubts or have never heard him spin I am telling you, you are missing out on the next biggest thing to come out of New York. Make room on the mantle because this kid is eventually going to be on the shelf with the NYC DJ gods. Much Respec and Lov for all, And thank you Exacta!! You reminded why I truly love this lifestyle and why I listen and live house music!!