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  1. man, do these sounds bring you back...

    Metropolitan Underground went bankrupt and later were forced to merge with Strictly Rythem who also went bankrupt.. keep downloading....
  2. Does Anyone.......

    ...have a copy of these 3 tracks. i have all three on vinyl but they are so old and cannot be played. (snap, crackle, and pop). "Tell Me" - Latin headhunterz "Release Me" (Johnny Viscous DUB) - Veronica .........DUB<------- "You Don't Even Know Me" - Armin Van Helden SIDE B (DRUMS) i cannot find these anywhere but then again they were all before the whole Mp3 trading shit.. no stores no sites. somebody out there had to rip at least one of these! I'm sure Tranza has all three but he's too cool for me.. Lets see where the old skool heads are at! [email protected] greatly appreciated.
  3. Song ID

    can anyone swing a copy over here [email protected]
  4. Song ID

    not it..
  5. Song ID

    Morillo dropped this last night. "I need a freak in the morning, freak in the evening. blah blah blah. with some sick ass dirty ass beat. anyone?
  6. Check Out The Line Up On The Boulevard

    WOW. Morillo at XS sunday night of Memorial Day weekend. LOL. That sucks for Denny!!!
  7. Reggae Id

    Its Called "Sound of the Replay" by Reanna. Been tryna get my hands on this shit. gonna be huge. beat is SICK!. seems like Camillo is the only one that has it right now.