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  1. Jonathan Ulysses

    He did In Bed with Space 2004 - sure you can get it on amazon. And you can download his studio tracks from his website... he does great space sets!!
  2. Weekend alone in LA - what recs?

    Hi there Yes, I will be going out during the week as well - have a few industry parties midweek (am attending a big entertainment conference), but at the weekend, my colleagues are off home. I am not massively interested in real tourist stuff, but in going to some great clubs (love house music primarily, also hiphop, hate cheese), people watching guess, and really getting a feel fro LA, which I understand can be tricky. Oh, and yes I have hired a car too - I understand everyone drives, which is kind of odd for me as in london I got rid of my car as I got cabs/walked everywhere. But then and again, parking is a complete nighmare in london! Also, if people drive at night, then do they not drink? Appreciate you getting back to me! Thanks x
  3. IBIZA: 2005 Trip, anyone interested in going?

    I think it depends when you go - I have been going to ibiza for the openingand closing parties for about 7 years. This year, am missing space opening (gutted!), as have too much other stuff going on. Will def be there for Amnesia closing though. It's really amazing, ibiza, BUT you have to stay away from San Antonio, which is vile, and try and get a villa in the hills. That's the best way to experience ibiza - there are amazing restaurants, great bars, and of course, incredible clubs. Space, DC10 and Pacha are just amazing. I had better stop now - I am talking myself into going for the space opening weekend... oh dear!
  4. Hi I am in LA for work next week from London, and had planned to have a friend come up from texas, then to go and party for the weekend. But due to a lot of personal stuff, she can't come, so I will be there on my own. I am staying in Westwood for the week, just as that's where work booked me, but will be moving to the roosevelt in hollywood for the weekend (the standard was full). So, my question is: is LA an approachable place for a girl on her own? I really want to make the most of being there, but have heard that LA can be a tricky city to enjoy if you don't know it. Any hints or tips? Have seen that judge jules is playing - have seen him a million times in london/ibiza! Would prefer to do something a bit more LA if poss... Sorry - all a bit vague, but feeling a bit nervous, albeit excited, and would love any advice MM x