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  1. Spirit vs Crobars Sound System

    The problem with Crobar is it's size. It's so freaking BIG and the ceiling is so high you don't get that tight feel you get at Pacha and other places
  2. Space Invades The Hamptons!

    Yes Theo is an awesome guy, defintely one of the coolest DJ's. He's a close friend of mine, and this is going to be one of the sickest parties of the summer. Hey houseallnite, would you be interested in starting a guest list or selling tickets? PM me.
  3. It's been confirmed that Oscar G. will be playing at the new Amber Ultra Lounge in Hampton Bays July 4th weekend. July 2nd he's gonna be there. This is gonna be a SICK PARTY! Tickets are only $25 in advance!
  4. Boris BAby!!!!

    I'd just like to chime in on this real quick. Boris is definitely a great DJ, in fact I've opened up for him at a party once and he was nice enough to compliment me and gave me 2 records. I thought that was pretty cool. So as far as I'm concerned he's a cool guy. My thoughts on his music are mixed. I think I first became a fan when I heard him at EXIT. Music was different at that time. I think his style is much different then everyone else, but I have to agree you need to like that style of music and that's it. He does play dark jungle beats for 90 minutes on end, and frankly I can't get into that unless I'm on drugs. This doesn't mean he sucks, that's just his style. I think it's MASS marketing that has put Boris to the top. Most people I ask how was it when they go, they say it was OK, but "I was really fucked up". Again, I will emphasize he is a great DJ, but he does not compare to the other DJ's styles like DT, Sanchez, Morillo. Those guys can rock a party with so much different shit you can love nothing but classical music and you'll be dancing. If someone booked Boris in Ibiza, I gaurantee no one would come, because they don't even know who he is. Just my thoughts, still love the guy.
  5. Peter on Long Island

    I've heard he's unbelieveable live.
  6. Peter on Long Island

    I've heard Peter Rauhofer before in the city and I think he's amazing. But he's never been to any of these clubs in the Hamptons for the summer. I wondering how a party would do with him out in the Hamptons. I think I'd rather see him then Boris or Calderone. I know those parties have done well. What do you guys think?
  7. Morillo CPI Song ID's

    nah, it's not the female alright, it was def a guy singing, does anyone know any of the other tracks?
  8. Morillo CPI Song ID's

    First of all Erick killed it in the Hamptons this weekend. Anyways there are a few songs I really would like to find out the ID's on. The first is a female vocal and I remeber the lyrics something like - you turn me on, you take me down. (she kept saying) Then there was anther one with a guy singing (not alright), "the sun is gonna keep on shining" And another song- "you make me feel when I don't have you I can't tell you" If anyone was there almost till close, there was a song (not a vocal) that he played right about after saed you know I got it. Probably the hottest song I ever heard. If anyone knows any of these ID's please help! Thanks.
  9. Anyone know the name of this track played at music conference? The mix is labeled: Gabriel & Dresden at Nikki Beach, Miami WMC 2005-03-26 The song starts about 36:54 - banging somewhat of a vocal Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. SONG ID's HELP

    Ah you guys are awesome man, thank god for the video. Does anyone know who was playing up there? I don't think Behrouz was on the main floor..
  11. SONG ID's HELP

    No this is it http://s37.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1GP7VSQW7TS890XQTO1S3DQUB6
  12. SONG ID's HELP

    Ok, here's a link of the song, this was this past Saturday on the Terrace at Space. http://d37.yousendit.com/D/1GP7VSQW7TS890XQTO1S3DQUB6/ Please someone tell me what song this is, I heard it three times in Miami
  13. SONG ID's HELP

    Ok, where is he I'll ask him
  14. SONG ID's HELP

    Hey, I just thought of something about the first song. The beat almost sounds like the old song by TRB, Aftermath. Kinda close to that, real hard. Maybe that will help someone.
  15. SONG ID's HELP

    nah that's not it, lol. I guess I'll never know. It sounded more like a classic rock song or something