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  1. what happen over there tonight? i was pullin in to the parking lot to go to dunkin donuits & everyone was runnin out. cops all over & ambulances?
  2. ldw reviews....

    merge was soo packedddd
  3. italian music?

    anybody know any names of good italian club music? my cousins wedding is in a couple weeks we need some ideas? thankyouuuu in advance :]
  4. Sunglasses...money no object

    i got these i LOVEE EM! http://www.sunglasshut.com/sghus.cfm?dir=templates&page=productpage&sitecategory=sunglasses&nproductid=161155
  5. Tanning

    cute lil tanning salon & yes its clean. but its al standups & the beds .. straight up SUCK. tanned there with the 19.99 a month with 3 month contract thing & didnt get dark.. & i tan VERY EaSILY - i go to beach bum now.. a chain in jersey.. long island.. manhattan... & the bronx. VERYy good -- best beds around here.
  6. Sunglasses... help me find a good pair *PICS*

    i got these dolce & gabanna ones.. I LOVE THEM & they werent that expensive. http://www.sunglasshut.com/sghus.cfm?dir=templates&page=productpage&sitecategory=sunglasses&nproductid=161155
  7. jp at surf review???

    My Friends Sister Works The Door And Said She Found More Drugs This Wknd Then She Has In Total Since Working There.
  8. Sidekick 2

    I have a sidekick. recommend it ! 100% better then the black berry & easier to use, has better features too.
  9. ID pleasseee !

    forget it i found it sorrrryy ;x
  10. TRACK iD PLEASE * girl vocals?

    i never wanna look inside of me again - somebody went and let them selves in even though i locked my heart away they found the key & let themselves in anyway... i dont wanna love again.. ? anyone have any ideas? please&thankyou;]
  11. 18 & Over>

    Any Good 18 And Over Parties This Weekend? Let Me Knoo .
  12. SONG Id?

    thats it :] thannxxx by any chace do you know another one that goes "i got the key. i got the secret i got the key to another wayyyy i got the key"
  13. SONG Id?

    hey i heard this song on .. club sessions & cant find the name of it .. it goes "monday night to the club, tuesday night to the club, wednesday night .. what a headache but i went to the club thursday night to the club friday night , didnt wanna go but my friend michelle called me on the fone so i went to the club.. satuarday night to the club, sunday night............to the club"
  14. Free House Cd

    still have those cds ?
  15. 882.45 - total for mdw - friday morning - monday night sleeps 5 - two beds and a pullout