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  1. surely someone has partied down in san juan?!? looking for a club that plays house or progressive or trance... help a brotha out! THANKS!!
  2. 4th of July Wknd - Trip Review

    this is in response to edlosangeles~ writing a trip review will at least make it look like i'm working since i pretty much checked out first thing in the morning... six of us were out from denver for a bachelor party, and that was a PERFECT number for us to be going out with... so used to doing bach. parties in vegas with 15+ dudes, and it just gets insane trying to coordinate a group that big, plus all the clubs will nail you with the # of bottles... anyways: FRI June 30 Foundation Room (Mandalay Bay) one of the fellas had a hookup to go up to foundation room... when we first walked in, place was pretty dead (1030pm) but the view from the balcony was obviously top-notch... drinks were expectedly expensive, and it was definitely an older crowd up there... stayed for a couple drinks as the place started to fill up... decent looking crowd, cool view, but other than that, not really too impressed... Overall: B- Tryst (Wynn) this place definitely gets an A for design & architecture... you notice the cool layout right as you walk in... half of the club is inside, and half of the club is outside... the outside part has a HUGE waterfall flowing into it... was pretty impressive... the music was standard issue vegas (top 40/hiphop/mashups) and i thought the crowd/vibe was pretty top notch... found a great group of girls, and since we were in the mood for house music all night, we decided to cut the trip at tryst pretty short... Overall: B+ Drai's (Barbary Coast) absolutely TORE IT UP.... we were all looking forward to hitting drai's, and it definitely didn't disappoint... darkvixen hooked us up with a booth right across from the dj, and we partied it up all night/morning... vibe/crowd was GREAT... music was GREAT... not much more i can say (or remember), we just had an absolute BLAST... Overall: A SAT July 1 went to the mandalay pool in the morning/aft... since it was already gonna be an expensive weekend, i couldn't talk the fellas into paying $50 to get into the moorea beach club, but from the house music blaring out of there, it sounded like a good time... interested to hear from anyone who's been and see if that $50 is worth it? Pure (Ceaser's Palace) knew it was gonna be hella crowded, esp. on a holiday weekend... thanks to limodriverlv for getting us in... NICE nice club... i like having the different rooms & terrace to hit... the main room was BUMPING... the dj had the crowd going all night, and the crowd/vibe was again top-notch... the terrace was a little dead, and wasn't too impressed with the dj spinning house up there... also wondering if that terrace sound system could be louder... in any event, we had a decent time at pure, picked up a bunch of chics who ended up heading over to empire with us... Overall: B+ Late Night Empire (Empire Ballroom) this was the ONE place that the bachelor wanted to hit all weekend... it KILLED me though, because i kept getting the run-around from empire's RSVP email... i had made the table arrangements a month ago, and they emailed me what the arrangements would be, but when i emailed to confirm last week, never heard back from them at all. was pretty dissapointed. it looks like they ended up booking a 944 party that night, but it would have been nice for them to at least let me know that i had been booted out for this party, or give me the option to keep the table, etc... but i guess that's what happens in vegas when the club/hosts don't know you from adam... THANK GOODNESS for limodriverlv, who was still able to hook us up with a table there last minute... totally saved us, and we ended up BLOWING IT OUT that night/morning... dj behrouz was outta control... everytime i needed a break, he just kept bringing it harder and harder... he was still bringing it at 8:30am, when everyone except me wanted to go... - before i forget, the terrace in this place is pretty sick too... if you can get used to dancing in the heat outside, there's definitely a great vibe from everyone up there... Overall: A SUN July 2 Rehab (Hard Rock) the one good thing about going straight from empire to the hard rock at 9am, is that you're one of the first people to get lounge chairs at the pool... we had a really good spot/view, and as much as i just wanted to pass out on the lounge chair for a couple hours, the guys would have none of that... so we just kept on going... and going... when Tall Paul started spinning~ man, that place just went NUTS. to everyone who goes to vegas, Rehab is a MUST. i'm not sure how many people fit in that south end of the pool, but it was definitely shoulder to shoulder, and everyone was SO COOL just partying their @sses off, jumping around, dancing, splashing, and just having a crazy fun time!! BY FAR the best time of the weekend... Overall: A+ Body English (Hard Rock) besides drai's & empire, BE has always been one of my favorite places to hit... i think it was dj vice who was spinning and he had it going.... the crowd here was again top-top notch... the only drawback is that this place is always packed, and there ain't much room to "take a lap" - heck, barely enough room to breath, period... but i guess that's half the charm of it... another great time... Overall: A- my brain & body are thanking me for finally going home. it's been a rough short week at work, but i'm already having vegas withdrawal! drummer guy
  3. Great Times.

    just wanted to give thanks to darkvixen & limodriverlv for hooking up our tables at drai's on friday and empire on sat... we had THE BEST times, TORE IT UP, and pretty much shut down both places both mornings... how we were still going at Rehab at 9am on sunday, not so sure, but most definitely the best weekend we've had in vegas... thanks for all your help!!
  4. Trip to Ibiza....Suggestions????

    i'm going in september as well - CANNOT WAIT!! i always find it easier to get to ibiza from barcelona - you can take a puddle jumper over to ibiza, or you can take a ferry/cruise type ship that will get you there as well... you should be able to get easy hits on travel options on google... the ibiza spotlight website is invaluable - it gives you detailed layouts of the island, describes the different areas/cities, and even gives advice for first timers, etc... plus, it has the clubbing calendar so you can have an idea of who is playing at which parties & at which clubs... you can even buy your club tickets on line as well (which i suggest - we did it last year, and it was perfect, you pay a discount on the cover, and you are in a separate line altogether - i don't think we spent more than 2 minutes in a line when we bought our tickets on-line)... that site also has hotel reviews, and if you drill down into some of their forums - there are a bunch of posts where people give their opinions & ratings on the different areas & hotels... WE LOVE SPACE on sunday is a must. opens at 8am, and goes till 6am on monday. INSANE. i'm trying to plan my week as we speak, it's just hard to fit everything in! one thing that i would double check is your luggage weight. you probably won't have a problem from NY to barcelona, but on our flight last year from barcelona to ibiza, the luggage couldn't exceed 35 kilos. we ended up having to unpack stuff & store it in a locker at the barcelona airport, etc, just a hassle you don't need to deal with if you don't have to... man, september can't get here FAST ENOUGH!!
  5. Don't But Passes For Empire

    friends of mine were there for a bachellorette party - 20 girls - bought pre-paid tickets for sat night (5/27) - and they said the place was total CHAOS... totally understand that it is MDW weekend, and empire probably underestimated the crowd they were gonna get, but the girls said they were getting pushed around like crazy, almost got into five fights just waiting in line, then when they finally got up to the front, they didn't honor the prepaid tickets (they got their prepaid tickets from wanttickets) it sucks because i have had a blast at empire, love the venue, eh, i suppose i'll wait and see if it was just a crazy weekend, but i hope their heads don't get too big and this becomes a recurring problem over there... and for goodness sakes, make it up to the people who bought their prepaid tickets, that's just ridiculous to make them eat that cost... and for the record, the girls went over to drai's and had CRAZY CRAZY time - empire spends their money on the internation dj's, etc, but i still think drai's has THE BEST local house dj's spinning, and IMO - the music & vibe that brought us all to drai's in the first place never left... it's still there...
  6. Empire ~ May 27

    i guess my REAL question is, since the rubber party is stated 10pm - 10am, why would i pay the $40 advance ticket price for Boris... i would just pay for the rubber party ($30), right?
  7. Empire ~ May 27

    so wanttickets.com has tickets on sat may 27 for: RUBBER A GOGO IN LAS VEGAS that are going for $30, and then for the same night: Believe in Boris CD release party that are going for $40... both are listed at empire... are there going to be two separate parties going on in there?
  8. Planning Trip To Ibiza

    i always use this calendar to see who is playing where: http://www.ibiza-spotlight.com/night/club_dates_june_i.htm my favorite places to hit are space & dc10... there's nothing like partying out in the terrace with the sun beaming down on you... if you like the crowds/rowdiness, i'd definitely consider the opening parties... but i seriously have had just as much fun in the late summer as well... its always just a great vibe, IMO, doesn't matter when you get out there, as long as you get out there... i'll be going for the 3rd time, and CANNOT WAIT for this year - it just gets better and better... i've stayed in ibiza town my previous two times and enjoyed the location... you're walking distance to the shops/restaurants of downtown, and walking distance to the beaches as well... i've heard that san antonio gets pretty rowdy w/ drunks, so i haven't been interested in staying or going there - i haven't noticed too many clubs that i want to hit over in that area anyways, but that's just my opinoin & heresay... all in all, the island really isn't THAT big, so i don't think you can really go wrong with where you stay... the one thing to keep in mind though, that although the island isn't that big, the big clubs are pretty spread out... there isn't just one area where ALL the clubs are at... there a several areas where there are pockets of clubs, so we always just take cabs everywhere... staying for a week this time around, so hoping to actually get a chance to explore the island itself... we'll see!! you will definitely love it!