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  1. Can someone tell me what song this is? Its from Morillos party at Ibiza this summer. Thanks for the help!
  2. Anyone know any reduced lists for Prydz at Pacha tonight? Thanks for the help.
  3. Track ID

    mylo - in your arms (tocadisco mix)
  4. found the title thanks
  5. Hey eveyone im trying to Id a track that Fedde Le Grand played in his groove radio set on sirius area 33 on friday. I believe it was the second song he played in his set. It sounded something like: "we were born in a system who dont really think about you"? the "who dont really think about you" part was said really fast so I may be off on the lyrics. I believe the track also says babyonia in it a bunch too. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Name the Artist?

    I have two tracks that I know the name of but cant find the artist: 1) love in a new way 2) love is gone Heard them the other day and cant find them on limewire either. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  7. cops closed crobar.....

    This really sucks! I feel bad for all the local DJ's that were going to have the opportunity to be on the main stage tonight. Is this related to new years/tiesto weekend at all? How long do you thing they will shut them down for?
  8. I heard a song last friday on Swedish Egil's show on Sirius Area 33. He played it between 12:40 and 1 Pm Eastern. It was a womans voice singing sounded like make me a rockstar or i want to be a rockstar?Any help would be appreciated.
  9. crobar NY October Line-Up!

    Schedule looks sick! Put PLEASE! No more god damn hip hop in the main room!
  10. Behrouz Crobar reviews?

    The hip-hop in the main room was horrible till 1 am, hip-hop aside the dj was just bad and the drunk white trash dancers he had on the stage with him didnt add to his cred either. This hip hop in the main room needs to end, thats what the reed room is for (when there isnt a local showcase)
  11. Love

    Ive been there a handful of times too its a cool club not all to big but not small either. The room with all the cushions and waterfalls which I call the Fraggle Rock room is sweet! It is kinda out of the way compared to all the other clubs in Chelsea. But I would say most of all is that they dont have the same promoting as alot of the other clubs, most people hear of the club by word of mouth. The first time I went there I almost missed it because its only a door on the street level so your not going to have alot of people just "finding" it on a night out. Count your blessings though that can change. Should be packed in 3 weeks with Andy Moor comming to Love. Will be one not to miss.
  12. TIESTO + BT @ The Borgata, Fri 8/11

    Jeans and sneakers will be allowed at the event
  13. Cheesy KTU Track

    Looking for a song I hear at the club and on KTU. Goes something like "sundy morning......but its true" then a beat drops? I think it called something like running out of time? thanks for the help
  14. track ID

    peter lutz - what a feelin