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  1. Hi from Toronto!

    Done! Anyone else have suggestions?
  2. Hi from Toronto!

    Hey man. Naw, dont work with them, but was a big fan of the parties back in the day...hence the nick. Whats this Le Souk place? Lounge or club? What area is it in? hangout, wheres Ones?
  3. Hi from Toronto!

    Thanks man! We are all lookin forward to it. Gonna be some good times in NY!
  4. Hi from Toronto!

    I want to! But no one seems to be offering any advice as to clubs, lounges, etc. From what I gather crobar is pretty good? What about good sunday night places?
  5. Hi from Toronto!

    Sorry to disappoint. Now stop trying to pick up women on the internet!
  6. Hi from Toronto!

    ...and deep dish at the Guvernment. I know, I know... BUT, too late for plan changes now. Plus I havent been to NY in a long time. So, where do we go...what do we do?
  7. Hi from Toronto!

    Hi all, Myself and 3 friends are heading down to NY this coming weekend. Will be there on the Saturday, 21st and Sunday, 22nd. We need ideas of which lounges and clubs to hit these two nights. We are all into house, trance. I was in Vegas a month ago, so itll be nice to compare the Vegas/Toronto/NY scenes. What are your suggestions?