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  1. Merrits Bday at Plumm 2nite

    dt was there
  2. let me tell u something, i really need u now, come and get it right now before its too late, i need someone........
  3. Pacha confiscates chewing gum at the door, be on alert people are sneaking bubble gum into the club. lol
  4. Glowsticks are making a HUGE comeback!

    i don't think that was avalon it was pacha behind the dj booth and around the club opposite side of the staircase. Glowsticks at house parties who would ever thought.
  5. it seems the best thing to do is go to the same spot every week and see the same people, same bouncers, same bartenders than u have no problems, the club works for u, but going to the same place every week gets boring. oh well
  6. Willi Ninja passed away this morning, RIP

    rip i saw him live at asseteria once, he was doing his thing and there were a few people he was teaching to vougue at the party. I saw him on vh1 teaching paris hilton how to pose. The inventor of vogue
  7. Danny Tenaglia @ Pacha

    Dt at asseteria last night chillin amongst the people, peter bailey was good too. I had a blast
  8. Crobar shut down at 4 Am Wtfawkk!?!?

    beware undercovers just pat u down and lock u up and u got to go to central booking, somepeople are getting locked up for no reason. Avoid chelsea
  9. Nypd Doing A Great Job In Chelsea!

    i heard on at crobar friday the police took 25 fobs, i haven't heard why yet but they had to go to central booking for 24 hours, its messed up to go out and get locked up, even if u did wrong.
  10. I had a good time and pacha, i wandered to the basement bathroom on the way they were playing naughty by nature opp, i had a laugh to myself and i wanted to chill out there for a minute but why do hip hop parties have that funky smell in the air that i ran back upstairs, it happens where ever i go, if u go in a hip hop room the air stinks, i think its a mix of everyones cologne and perfume, but i'm not sure.
  11. Nypd Doing A Great Job In Chelsea!

    They should get the tlc to stop the yellow taxis from driving around pacha with there off duty lights on asking you where you want to go and denying you, i wanted to get to the east side they all tell me they want to go to jersey or some where far, this is wrong. I ended up taking a car service limo that solicited me, thats illegal too
  12. Whats the deal these days?

    Give a bouncer a 20 and most likely your in, depending on the place it might take a 50 or even more, u usually don't get a second try though.
  13. Maybe you want to go see kim sozzi perform at spiri tomorrow with jason ojeda. maybe next week u should check out offer nism at pacha they got tracks with vocals but i never seen them live, i think i want to check it out
  14. girl i give it to you i got what u need i know i got it, when he drops that one it'll be nuts