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  1. Prior to my incarceration I owned my own personal training company as well as a nightclub production company. By day I helped people look better, and at night I helped people feel better :-). Little did I know the feel better part would get me five years in Federal Prison on a drug conspiracy charge. Now I know it's very simple: you play, you pay. I really enjoy the three "M's" - movies, music and muscle! My taste in movies and music are all over the place, both independent and mainstream. I'm truly addicted to health and fitness. In college I majored in exercise science and I'm very into the cutting edge chemical aspect of bodybuilding and fitness. I am looking to stay in touch with the outside world during my time in prison with the help of PrisonerLife.com! I will answer all letters. Won't you please write. Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you. JASON aka Big J