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  1. Crowbar Last Night!

    What type of crowd is there on a Sat night? I want to have a good experience at a club in NYC so anything is helpful....
  2. Crowbar Last Night!

    Does CROBAR ever have FOAM PARTIES? Or do they have a room or floor that has foam? What clubs in NYC have FOAM all the time and in general what type of music does CROBAR play? I am coming to CROBAR on June 18th- how are those DJ's? Hard? Trance? Euro? Any info would be helpful! Thanks
  3. What do you mean - a NO DOOR policy? What is wrong with Avalon? That is where I really want to go but is there something about it I should know about? It looks huge- and I love the outside of it - being an old church and all!
  4. I haven't been clubbing in NYC since THE TUNNEL was open. First of all, I heard it closed - is this true? So, basically I was wondering what the HOTTEST club now in NYC is to go to? I heard Avalon? I am coming on a Saturday with 3 friends of mine. I want it to be the biggest club with the hottest music. I loved the Tunnel as they had many rooms/floors with all diff types of dance music!- Anything similar? I don't want it to be a strictly gay club- but if it is straight/gay mixed that's cool!- Any and all info would be helpful as I have been out of the loop. Thanks a lot [email protected] Mike