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  1. The tomato patch....

    That was awsome.
  2. Packman & Clubbers

  3. Packman & Clubbers

    when your using it to talk about clubbers there is
  4. Packman & Clubbers

    Packman: A little man runnning around in the dark, listening to repetitive music, munching a bunch of pills. Clubbing: A bunch of people running around in the dark, listening to repetitive music, (usually munching a bunch of pills).
  5. Why health care is important

    One day the queen of England was visiting New York and taking a tour of one NY's finest hospitals. While on the second floor the queen walked by a room where the door was open and saw a man sittting there rapidly masterbating. Astonished, shocked, and almost out-raged the queen turned to the doctor giving the tour and asked him how they could permit that in the hospital. The doctor calmly explained that the man had a condition where his testicles rapidly filled with sperm and that if he did not masterbate 6 times a day that his testicles would explode. The queen was a little disgusted but understood and went on with the tour. When they reached the third floor, the tour happen to walk by another room with the door open and the queen looked in and saw a young attractive nurse on her knees giving one of the male patients a blow job. The queen let out a gasp and demanded to know why that was going on in the hospital. The doctor calmly explained agian that the man in this room had the same condition as the man on the previous floor........but had a better health plan.
  6. Booty House

    its safe
  7. My MINT Rane mixer Up on ebay

    Well said
  8. Something to Ponder

    A man walked into a bar, sat down, drank a whole glass of water. The bar tender got up and pointed a shot gun at the man. The man got up, said "Thank You", and left. Let's hear the guess.........what just happened?
  9. summer anthem cd

    If you want a fucking awsome CD to listen too definatly send Jon a PM. Listened to the whole thing.............Very very nice.
  10. Someone PLEASE help me find the following

    PM me with your e-mail, i'll send you a track or two and if it's the right CD i'll send the rest. but i think its the one you lookin for.
  11. Cheesey ID

    wish i could help ya....i want it too. PM me if ya get it...or i'll do the same
  12. Someone PLEASE help me find the following

    Do you know any of the tracks??? I have one of them but I didn't lable the year.
  13. My MINT Rane mixer Up on ebay

    I'm right there with you.....the onboard effects on pioneer mixers suck. Thats why I bought the MP44......19" Rack Mout with the Flex Effects (connected to my EFX) with Rane sound quality. I was actually looking @ the one your selling for a different system I have it's the only one i found thats small and has the features i want.
  14. My MINT Rane mixer Up on ebay

    Nice mixer..........is the FLex Effects the same as on the MP44?
  15. JP @ Roxy Review

    I got there @ 3.......at like 4:30 he started to rip it. Fuckin loved it....one of the better nights out in a while. YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH JOHNNY!!!!!!!!!!!