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  1. [email protected] reviews

    hardly 90% of last night was new or unreleased!!
  2. victor review...

    Victor's tribal is not pots and pans, you wouldn't get a headache. A lot of he plays is along the lines of chus & ceballos, that kid chris, etc. He doesn't have many down times, the energy and the music are always banging from start to finish.
  3. victor review...

  4. My Junior Review

    honestly, junior was an anthemic bore. grandma needs to bring back some harder beats, enough with all that vernessa and all that fluff radio show shit. not that i was expecting much of my 2-hr attendance, but if that was the preview of things to come no thanks. i'm not bashing anyone but i've had it with people saying over and over that it was legendary... wake up!
  5. Anyone going to Alegria at Crobar 09:04:05

    i see where you're coming from but i'd say it's a mostly biased, stereotypical and exaggerated point of view, and besides it depends on the party and the place (roxy saturdays is definitely a bad example). Most gay parties are not for hooking up, if some people wish to do so it's really an individual choice. It depends who you are and what you make of it. I'd say most people will be there for the fun, the vibe, the music, hanging out with friends.
  6. Anyone going to Alegria at Crobar 09:04:05

    That was a rather uneducated comment not to say something else. Whether you like it or not, Ric Sena (Alegria) has been having events on prime weekend sundays at Crobar ever since SF closed. Yes it's mostly gay and yes it's consistently packed. Why not go, i guarantee you'll have a blast.
  7. Danny T. @ crobar reviews!

    hot and packed like a motherfucker until at least 8am. music was alright, started getting boring and trancey around 11-12, left before the end.
  8. Danny Tenaglia @ Crobar, Sat 8/13

    right on... dt is getting super lazy
  9. VC rocked it

    i thought the vibe was great and the crowd pretty decent both earlier and later. i had a good time and victor definitely served the beats. regarding monotonous music: i agree he's not being very creative cause for the last four months since the new crobar parties have started he's had the same setlist. he also plays a lot of unknown stuff but for some reason it all sounds the same. it's not that the songs are bad, they're just a bit overplayed... and the last couple hours are always a drag.
  10. VC rocked it

    here's a partial setlist from what i can remember: -Superchumbo "Dirtyfilthy" (Chus & Ceballos Mix) -Madonna "Bedtime Stories" (Calderone's 2005 Mix) -Cevin Fisher "Love You Some More" (Calderone's o'Rox Drums 2005 edit) -Victor Calderone "Resonate" (DJ Vibe Mix) -Chus & Ceballos "Low Frequencies" (Calderone Mix) -DJ Vibe & Peter Tha Zouk "Solid Textures" -When is Dark "The Love You Need" (DJ Vibe mix) -Angel Moraes "Tribal Function" (TKC Mix) -Holguin & Baund "Wicked Fortress" (Chus & Ceballos Mix) -TKC "Reflections" (Calderone mix) -TKC "Come Together" -Holmes Ives vs. Celeda - 8 Letters vs Let the Music Use you up (Calderone 2005 rework) -Lectroluv "Dream Drums" -Antoine Clamaran "Noize" -Peace Division "Take Me I'm Yours" (Ceramix Mix) -Peace Division "Pieces of Gold" -Xpress-2 "Muzik X-press" -Alcatraz "Give Me Luv" -Manaça, Chus & Ceballos "Strong Rhythm" (Urban Tribes Mix) -KC Flight "Voices" (Mix?) -Luzon "The Baguio Track" (Chus & Ceballos Mix) -Dubtribe Sound System "Equitoreal" -Indart Colors & Legaz "Remember the Past" -Sergio Fernandez "Unforgettable Summer" -The Fog "Been a long time" (Hoxton Whores Mix) -D-Formation vs Riva "Work Together" -DJ Paulo & Todd Dutkevitch "Ride the beat"
  11. VC rocked it

    Holmes Ives vs Celeda - 8 Letters vs Let The Music Use You Up (Victor Calderone's 2005 Edit) it's a mashup between the 2 songs, he played it twice.
  12. i'm sure it will go till 2-3. Pride was a "night" event not afterhours.
  13. Going to Portugal...need advice...

    go to lux earlier and kremlin later, both great clubs. nothing like webster hall i assure you. if you like ny afterhours you'll like kremlin for sure.
  14. any Calderone reviews????

    decent overall but could have had a lot more to it considering it was a special event the afterhours schedule is way better imo the vibe was pretty good, a lot of out-of-towners but good mix of crowd
  15. Calderone @ Crobar $70!!!

    but do you think they're gonna be ok paying $70 i think the crowd will be a good mix (as it should) but more gay than not. besides, there are many gay people that really enjoy Victor's music and parties and have no desire to go to Roxy/Spirit.