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  1. Hi everyone, Im going to london from june 14-26. Are there any awesome djs spinning house during those days in london? Does anyone know what clubs I should definitely check out for house music in london ? What about for house music record and cd shops? any info would be helpful! thanks
  2. heres my 2 cents for what its worth...prolly not much but o well...i saw tiesto @ crobar and it was totally packed. Mixing, he was fine-he basically went from one song to the next seamlessly as if he was only spinning 2 cds the whole night... i dont know how much of the crowd was too wasted to care what they heard as long as he was bangin... i think they mostly just wanted to party hard to a beat totally oblivious to any kind of technique. i think that he could have done better as far as creative mixing-especially for him. it seems to me that his studio and production skills are better than what i observed at crobar, (which is almost always true for oakenfold (chokenfold?).... one great thing about tiesto (maybe helps him in his ranking as "#1 dj") is that he has the ability to make the crowd just go insane. bananas. crazy! i mean part of being a "superstar" dj is not only knowing how to press the mixer's buttons but also the crowd's buttons and he did that so well that night especially since there were 3 video cameras constantly on him. if i only saw him from the neck up and heard no audio at all, i would have sworn he was jamming out on an electric guitar or something from his on-stage presence...so i have to say on straight mixing a 7.5/10 (compared to what he's capable of), on "showmanship" and crowd control a 9.5 & on energy a 10 (this is what the guy looked like on stage --> )
  3. check it out its goin on this weekend! http://remixhotel.com/nyc/about/
  4. Where are YOU going this Friday night ?

    fri=sasha/[email protected]robar sat=bad boy bill/choo [email protected] [email protected] anyone want to hang out this weekend im flyin in from houston for a weekend? lemme know! peace
  5. Sasha and Sandra Collins

    Id like to meet up with u all (I just joined club planet).. Im coming from h-town and haven't been to either tunnel or Crobar but Im gonna be at the Sasha/Colins show!~ anyone want to meet either ar the club or after??? let me know i'd love to meet! peace
  6. i went to wantickets.com... but he's not on there for Sat June 4...hes playing in July according to wantickets...but on the avalon website it shows him playing sat nite June 4...does anyone know the story with it???
  7. Tiësto @ Crobar, Sun 6/5

    Just got my ticket! anyone want to meet before the show and drink?!?!?! lol!
  8. Anyone else going to Remix Hotel?

    I am gonna be in the city... I know Hawtin is a techno dj and not a house dj, but ive heard he's a bad-ass live performer so it might be a good show. Im looking into both as an option - Collins/Sasha show or [email protected] Im gonna go see Tiesto Sunday nite at Crobar anyway. How much are the tix for Hawtin?
  9. Anyone else going to Remix Hotel?

    Can you give me info about the guestlist for the Richie Hawtin show on June 3 @ Avalon? thanks
  10. Hi everyone!... Im comin up to NYC from Houston,Tx for Remix Hotel weekend June 3-5!! Should be the shiyte! Does anyone know what clubs I should hit up on Fri, Sat and Sun nite June 3-5th?? (I am leaving NYC mon morning at June 5th 7 am to be back at work at 9 am in Houston!!!) <-its gonna suck! I want to see/hear bad-ass NYC house djs. Any recommendations? Heres what Im thinking... FRI NITE-??? still dont know where to check out SAT-Shelter (Maybe?) SUN-CROBAR (to see the trancemaster Tiesto!!!) Stay up and party all nite and then sleep on the plane and at work! Record shops to check out before the convention-satellite and decadancerecords.com. maybe final vinyl? or 8-ball recordings? Does anyone have suggestions for where to check out for house music in the city for vinyl,clubs (preferably to see famous or bad-ass house djs) and anything house music related???? Thanks!