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  1. Cosmic Gate @ Metropolis!!!

    Hello Dear Trance Heads. It is my understanding that Jules will not attend the october 29th show due to a clause in the contract with the Bang Music Festival. Can someone please find out if this is true or not? Looking Forward to see THE GATE. Universal Way is the way.
  2. Cosmic Gate @ Metropolis!!!

    Hello all. So we get to see some trance acts now. Cosmic Gate for sure is just a supreme dj duo. Now, They need to bring in Agnelli & Nelson, Hemstock & Jennings to make it even this a dream come true. Anyone ever think of ROBERT MILES LIVE. Now that I pay 30 dollars to see. I heard he is doing a new album. anyways boys and girls see you soon with the GATE. UNIVERSAL WAY IS THE BEST.
  3. Miami Dj Music Awards ! ! !

    I Have To Agree Thomas. This Is Just So Pathetic I Mean This Will Do Nothing For The Dance Scene In Miami Expect Just Solidifies Where The Scene Went, It Went To The Garbage. Miami Is Lost Musically At The Moment. Sucks Personally If I May Say.
  4. July 22,[email protected]!

    Who ever is doing the bookings should be fired too.
  5. Dimitri from Paris @ Nocturnal

    How As The Turn Out For Dimitry. Any Write Ups On The Night.
  6. For Those That Went--memories Of Shadow Lounge...

    Shadow Lounge Returns once a Month @ Nocturnal.
  7. For Those That Went--memories Of Shadow Lounge...

    A Nice Monthly would do Justice. That should bring a nice Bottle Crowed. How about OG. We can have Edgar V do the monthly. Oh I forgot his the resident. Opps. But I love to see does memories back. I bet the older clubbers will come out for that.
  8. EdgarV/Nocturnal

    Hello everyone it is my first post. I have been around the block for a long time. I just look and I dont post as am not a clubber but I do go out. It is clear that EV is a good DJ. It is also clear that the competition is huge, No one can deny that SPACE is COMPETITION for NOCTURNAL. Miami is not as big as everyone thinks and the miami music nightlife is not like back in the days. Now to give Edgar credit where its due there is no question. The question is can Edgar Deliver and make something out of nothing come to live with the way the Miami scene is at now. I want to be clear EV is a good dj. Now does the staff have enough confidence in EV making it happen. I bet at this point in the game there not really confident. Lets be real yes EV tours with PVD no question there but at the end of it all means nothing when it comes to Miami. EV needs a real club following not yout 20 guys here that stand up for him and make 1300 wiews of post happen for the guy. Like SALEEN said and he said it well. You can put EV in Crobar and it will be packed beucase it is Packed. If EV dosent pull it off within the next few weeks I belive they will find another alternative for Afterhours. Everyone does know NOCTURNAL. The simple fact to blame the club for not doing their JOB i belive is wrong. This reminds me when Bobby Brandt and Dade would go to EV at shadow lounge and pull him off the decks or tell him to play music that relates to the people. Nocturnal has a real battle in front of them, We need a new club and its hear. Lets see if the staff will support EV. There is noone here to blame. Everyone is to blame. Dont blame the Club, There all over the radio. It takes time but you do need DJS that know Miami and Know how to get people in the dance floor. Anyways all that am saying here is stricly my opinion. EV is good in my book. Now we will see what will happen. am outty. Rob.
  9. Armand van Helden @ Avalon, Sat May 28

    I will be there.