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  1. Review of Las Vegas 2005

    I guess this should be in another thread since it's already June, but anyway... Friday night we started off at the Hard Rock. We tried to get into the club, but were turned down...even after we offered $500 for a room. I guess the management thought it was up for negotiation and asked double. Fuck them, the floor of the casino was the CRAZIEST party I've been to since going to Argentina a few years ago. It was absolutely packed with people, but forget about getting a drink at the Center Bar. Drais was the best afterparty...BY LIGHTYEARS. We paid $30 to get in. The music was thrown down by a DJ who's mixing was on point, and kept the party bumping well past 7 in the moring (when we left). Tunes ranged from funky progressive to vocal and funky house. The floor was filled with beautiful people who came to dance, and there were plenty more lounging on the couches in the space across the hall. Saturday night we arrived at Ice at about 1:30 AM...after paying $20 each, we were greeted by a half-full dance floor barely moving to Chrisitan Smith's tunes. I guess Christian has come to expect this from crowds in the States...too bad, he's a really good DJ. Later we hit up Seven which didn't offer anything better. To be fair, the bouncer said it was only getting started at 3 AM...but the tunes didn't stray too far from cheezy late-90's prog trance, and we decided to check out. The bachelor party debauchery took other forms, which I can't discuss here...becuase, well, the groom-to-be asked me to never speak of it again.
  2. Review of Las Vegas 2005

    how's Red Square? I am arriving tomorrow for a bachelor party, and I'm charged with planning the nights. Thinking about Christian Smith @ Ice Saturday, maybe Diz Friday at Voda. Got a connection at Mix, but I'm looking to avoid the lines anywhere else.. and, btw, hello!! <---first post