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  1. Bryan Cox's Top Ten for October 2005 1. Pre Modelo "The Rhythm, The Rhyme" (Bryan Cox Remix) 2. Naughty by Nature "Hip Hop Hooray" (Marco G Remix) 3. Kelly Reverb "Feeling the Thrill" (Bryan Cox Remix) 4. Umek "Unknown" on STX 5. Pre Modelo "Midnight Chase" 6. Miss Monica "Bossimonica" (Hertz Remix) 7. Groove Man "House de la Groove" 8. Kid Icarus "The Dream" 9. Hertz "Breaker" (Bryan Cox Remix) 10. DJ Melee "Carpet Bomb" Live from Laden's Place Recorded May 2005 1. Filter Grinder "Rockin' the Disco" (Bryan Cox Remix) 2. Mario Ochoa "Relax" (Bryan Cox Remix) 3. Bryan Cox "Freaks on the Floor" 4. Bryan Cox featuring Dutch "Tell Em I'm Good" 5. Shapeshifters "Lola's Theme" (Bryan Cox Remix) 6. Kelly Reverb "Feeling the Thrill" (Bryan Cox Remix) 7. Bryan Cox "Midnight Walker" 8. High Caliber "Come Together" (Bryan Cox Remix) 9. Peter Presta "On the Drum" (Bryan Cox Remix) 10. Bryan Cox "Beats for the Streets" 11. Michael Jackson "Billy Jean" (Bryan Cox Remix) Bryan Cox is a #1 Chart-Topping artist on DanceRecords.com, PlanetXUSA.com, Juno.com, and has sold out stock in record stores across the world. He has always had a passion for music. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.F.A in Music, and an emphasis in electronic music production. While in school he also began his career as a DJ, establishing a residency for two years in one of Arizona's most popular nightclubs, Heart 5. He also performed in many other clubs and events. Presently living in Dallas, with regular headlinings at the world renowned Lizard Lounge, Bryan's DJ sets range from clubby house to funky techno. His reputation as a talented and skilled deejay and producer precedes him. He has played all over the world. Bryan has toured the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Europe, Canada, and Mexico. It's the success of his recordings that takes Bryan Cox's music career to the next level and his name goes hand in hand with high-quality house music. His style can be described as a fusion of bangin' techno, sick electro, and funky house. Groovy bass lines and filtered disco funk are mixed with punchy techno percussion to create a uniquely prime time sound. If you've been in a club, you've heard Bryan Cox's music. Every well know DJ in the genre has a Bryan Cox record in their crate. He's had tracks featured on CDs by Joey Beltram, DJ Dan, Alex Peace, DJ Irene, Donald Glaude and Richard "Humpty" Vission and has produced tracks for Joey Beltram's STX, System, Moonshine, Subliminal, Bush, Bad Boy Bill's IHR, Donald Glaude's Eden, Preach's Relic, Hertz' Sway, Frankie Vega's Ammo, and Funkteck. All have consistently sold massive numbers. His music is in heavy rotation with the hottest djs and has been featured and charted by radio stations such as London's BBC Radio One, Dallas' KDGE 102.1 FM Edge Club, LA's Powertools, New York's WKU, Cable-TV Radio, XM Satellite Radio, and Sirius Satellite Radio. Bryan Cox's newest conquests are his own record labels, Elixir and Weapon Records; a ground-breaking concept. These labels will be only be distributed and sold at dancerecords.com. Elixir features a filtered electro house sound that demands prime time. Previously introduced, Weapon Records features a bouncy, dirty, techno house flavor for the edgier floor. This texas record-slinger is making record bags smolder.
  2. 9.28||>TRANSIT<|| D&B ALLLLLL NIGHT! : )

    Don't Sleep on this!!!!!!!!! gonna be some bad ass times!
  3. Eden Recordings The Midnight Sons The Omega Squad Rockstar DJs Instinctive Grooves ALL PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT THE SOUTHERN USA IN THE AFTERMATH OF HURRICANE'S KATRINA & RITA!!! www.fivedc.com
  4. TONIGHT!!! Don't forget about the free food! Come early and take home some giveaways as well The Menu: JERK CHICKEN RICE & PEAS HARD-DOUGH BREAD SALAD $4 Appleton rum drinks and $4 Red Stripies all night.
  5. Some good ol' Lincoln Barrett choons for your aural pleaja!! ...yes Lincoln Barrett is HC's real name :wink: http://www.hospitalrecords.com/disco_highcontrast.shtml I'm sure the last two he released: 'When the lights go down' & 'Magic' will be rocked wednesday night!! btw, 5 days left!!!
  6. This week we welcome the Omega Squad as they do their own Takeover of Heaven. Ramz, 2rip and Synz will be dropping some infectious house beats, with Wickity closing out the night with some breaks. The drink specials will be doing their usual damage so come down and check out Adams Morgan's best Wednesday night electronic dance music party... CLUB HEAVEN 2327 18th Street, NW DRINK SPECIALS: $5 ABSOLUT DRINKS, $3 DOMESTIC BEERS AND CORONAS AND $1 SHOOTERS ALL NIGHT SET TIMES: Ramz (Tribal Tech House) 945-1045PM; 2rip (Progressive Tribal) 1045-1145PM; Synz (Funky Progressive) 1145-1245AM; Wickity (B'more Breaks) 1245-145AM 21+/10PM-2AM/ NO COVER Ramz With involvement spanning two decades, ramz is certainly no stranger to the dance music scene. Starting back in the days when the only way you could experience electronic music was to wait at the local top 40 club until the "late" DJ came on, ramz first experienced "the scene" as a victim of the high energy heavy bass beat on the dance floor opposite some of the godfathers--and biggest modern icons--of the electronic dance movement and was hooked for life. Whether hardcore European imports, Florida breaks, West Coast trance, Chicago house, or Detroit techno spun at clubs in every corner of the country and across the world, ramz has found a home on the dance floor fueled by the pervasive vibe and distinct flavor found across each and every genre. ramz chose to start to repay his debt to this beloved movement in 2003. Drawing from his experiences as a classically-trained musician and conductor, long-time connoisseur of body-rockin' beats, and kid raised on a constant and eclectic soundtrack consisting of Mozart, Smokey Robinson, Bernstein, Ray Charles, A Tribe Called Quest, Copland, REM, Dr. Dre, The Beatles, and a thousand others, ramz offers an unique musical perspective and "old school" sensibility that shapes his style and track selection. Behind the turntables, ramz will take you on a musical journey through the best and booty-rockinest tracks produced and remixed throughout the history of electronic music. Paying little attention to year or genre, ramz guarantees only that you find some elements of familiarity in every set and that each and every person on the dance floor will feel the culmination of thousands of tracks thrown down by hundreds of DJs and a nearly irresistible urge to shake that azz. 2rip Between 2003 and 2005, DJ 2rip performed over 200 shows from Pittsburgh, PA to Phoenix, AZ. This includes performances at nationally recognized clubs Spundae, Nation, Groove, and Club Kind. Aside from live shows, this was also a time that some of his most memorable mixsets had been recorded, adding close to 15 new full-length CDs to the underground market. Currently he continues to push his music via satellite radio (XM 80) and internet stream. In early 2005 2rip has also begun to see a steady rise in mix CD sales as he expands to international audiences with the use of digital technology. Synz Since the age of 16, or roughly the year of 1998, Synz has been a dj in the MD, VA, DC, Balt., area. He started out playing jukebox style track after track classic rock, eighties, and contemporary alternative hits at the area's bar scene. Later he opened 5 different clubs in the area spinning a unique blend of hip hop, rock, top 40 and the latest in popular dance. In 2000, Synz acquired a pair of turntables and from then on it was all history. He became addicted to the feel of the vinyl and the way the music could flow flawlessly with the aid of a well-trained ear and a mind with a no limit imagination. Now, a local DJ amongst many great talents in a rejuvenated Washington DC scene, Synz is graciously leaving his mark in many of the greatest nights and parties of the day and age! Be sure to catch one of his live sets, they are definitely not something to be missed! Wickity Bio to come...
  7. HIGH CONTRAST TOP 10 AUGUST 2005 1. Kano (HC Rmx) - Reload It - 679 2. Logistics - Blinding Light - NHS Dub 3. White Stripes - Blue Orchid (HC Rmx) - XL 4. Cyantific - Cant Let Go - NHS Dub 5. High Contrast - Days Go By - The Contrast 6. Calibre - Consumate Charm - Signature 7. Klute - Hell Hath No Fury - Dub 8. Blame - Solar Burn - Dub 9. Q Project EP - NHS 10. Konsta - Under The Sun - New ID
  8. 16 days left!! $5 drinks... ANY DRINK. ALL NIGHT does it get much better?