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  1. JP will be there and unfortunately so will his following of scumbag drug addicts from various locales in the Metropolitan area. Now I would love to hear him spin but could do with out the extra drug addicts that worship him. For me the surf will be to out of hand and I predict the police will shut it down before it really ever gets going. This will be worse then any holiday you have seen down there. I'm sure the set if it lasts it will be great but the insanity thats coming along with it isn't worth it. Good Luck guys, I'm hitting the beach that day and tempts later. IF JP is fucked up enough and goes to tempts maybe he'll drop a few, who knows.
  2. XS & TEMPTS what is up?

    Yeah, I have a good time but the pretenious attitude you people have make me laugh , you guys think your somebody special, and people kiss you ass, why just to make sure they get, comps, whatever. You Deko/Abyss people preach customer service, but yet you have promoters inside the clubs trying get an extra $40 for vip wristbands, the door guys, were might have made enough money to put their 1st born through college with all the money they were taking. I wasn't talking about the doors being shut I'm talking about being on line and these giant spanish guys telling us pay us $25 a person and we'll get you in or forget your not coming in. So much for the outstanding customer service
  3. It doesn't matter who this is, what matters is the shakedowns at at doors of both clubs, whats your thoughts?
  4. Your money hungry, rude ass, suits going to at the door. Joe its summer, who the hell wheres suits in the summer down the shore? Be honest you know its lame as hell.
  5. XS & TEMPTS what is up?

    I wasn't going to say anything and, the people that run these parties are probably going to have this taken down but anyway here it goes. If I posted under my real screen name I would catch crap from everyone and I don't want to make any enemies most of these people know me and I love all their parties the rest of the year. First off, Hello this is Seaside Heights fellas, lose the velvet ropes and bring back the wooden horses, you have to lose the suits at the doors. I mean come on are you kidding me, leave it at Deko where it belongs in the fall and winter, the is about chillin out, no need for it!! Second, Whats with all the new door people, and people claiming they work there. The shakedown at XS by the door people was ridiculous, again we know how it works but to threaten that we'll never get inside even if we make to the door is crazy. I see the old door guys working from the past few years but not at the door, at least they didn't ROB people. TEMPTS, ohh my poor Tempts, what has happen, this was the place of places the club of clubs. Again, all new people at the door, that were clueless, and since when does tempts have sixty promoters outside? I'm all for the renovations, but stage shows and acts at Tempts, please its embarassing, the Abyss and Deko guys leave your suits and army of wanna be promoters and door guys at home, this is seaside, we want our shirts off, we want to chill, throw napkins, water, go nuts,we don't need suits and and 600 "promoters" running around, or some lame dress code, your trying to bring a certain uppity vibe to a place thats about letting loose and dressing how you want, a place where sitting on the wooden horse while on line was comfy. I know you guys have a job but leave just a few guys there, like Binoy and Jarmenio, atleast those guys know what seaside is about. I hope there are changes, not totally back to the "old" ways but not all this silly shit thats going on now.