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  1. new Civic officially revealed

    I love the interior... and over all it's hot but I'm really not diggin the space ship looking front end of honda's in the past couple years...
  2. agreed, I do like it and yamaha always makes good looking bikes but they've been poorly engineered for years and are always hard to work on :/... just my opinion though... I'm a kawasaki man myself
  3. Bombs in London's Tube and London Bus

    Did anyone else start hearing "London calling" by the clash in there head? /bad joke
  4. Help...I'm going to be in NY

    I'm comeing from a concert... there will be PLENTY of pre-game...heheh
  5. Help...I'm going to be in NY

    and how does one go about getting myself and 3 others on this guest list?
  6. Help...I'm going to be in NY

    *bump* so I'm going to be in NY on friday... anyone got any new idea's?
  7. Something to share with all of you

    becuase I thought it was FUNNY as HELL!...hehe ANTI-EMO Video
  8. Whatever you guys do...

    haha... only took me about 3 seconds to get through it...(fast fingers)
  9. Hummus Appreciation Thread

    This thread made me hungry... Now I have to go to Publix and get some Hummus
  10. t.g.i.f.b.i.t.c.h.e.s.

    just don't let THIS happen to you
  11. Help...I'm going to be in NY

    onisakura: soon enough kiddo, soon enough *hug* and thanks y'all... I think Cellar Bar it just might be... It's not for a few more weeks so any other things that might come up would also be greatly appreciated... I'm going with some crazy people so I'm not sure what they will be up for I just like to have my options open
  12. Depeche Mode World Tour 2005/2006

    I'll be there... with bells on
  13. How do you dance?

    lol...yeah, I have it saved though... I use it as my AV on other sites... it's just like I kick it... old school
  14. How do you dance?

    it actually looks a little something like this.. and I usually just go out and groove to whatever the vibe is... no practice for me...
  15. Help...I'm going to be in NY

    The show is at websterhall (125 E. 11th Street)... Well, I'm into most everything really... but since I'm going to an MSI concert I'm pretty sure we are all gunna be drunk and hyper as hell... So a bar or lounge probably would be best considering we probably wont be all dressed up or anything... But I'm open to most anything though