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  1. Attn: Silverbull

    no ty si sa ukazal ty hdrina!
  2. it is a killer tune indeed.
  3. Axwell - essnetial mix tracklist

  4. Nypd Doing A Great Job In Chelsea!

    lol. that's a good one.
  5. http://www.filter27.com/archives/2006/06/eric_prydz_proper_education.php
  6. sander @ crobar ... cancelled ?

    yeah i'm not impressed by his performance past few months too. his style has changed a lot compared to what he used to play a couple of years ago. i just "don't feel his dj-ing" anymore
  7. Cops raid and shutdown 7 clubs

    that's terrible
  8. Spirit.... dead?

    yeah that's pretty sad imo. such a great (and legendary) venue and so poorly managed.
  9. Club Exit and Lounge?? a new club??

    yeah never been there but i've heard this place has very strong polish community. but don't know what's the club and music itself like imo
  10. Sander Kleinenberg @ Crobar review

    ID: It Comes From Inside - low end specialists