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  1. Ibiza party!

    Any other suggestions?
  2. Ibiza party!

    I am having a big Ibiza party. Do you have any good tips on what should be featured on such a party? A snow machine? Gogo-dancers? House DJ:s? What else?
  3. Anyone know where I can order cool halloween backdrops and professional decorations for a halloweenparty next week??
  4. Halloween backdrops!

    I live in Sweden and would require some very cool Halloween backdrops and other decorations for next week. Anyone that has any of this for renting?? Or can give me tips for sites that have these kinds of stuff??
  5. Professional halloween equipment!

    Didn't find anything really good there. I was hoping for someone with personal experiences from a company. I mean...ordering Halloween equiptment should be fairly common among people on this forum....
  6. I am looking for a company that delivers the best vampire costumes and fangs. I also need a company with top quality halloween decorations. Anyone have any tips??
  7. Music video!

    I am going to use a big screen to provide extra effects for the dancefloor. I thought of connecting a laptop to the screen and show something on there. Anyone have any tips on a good movie or something to show there? Perhaps effectful dance movies or just psycadelic color effects or something like that. Thank you.
  8. Club Paradise??

    I posted earlier about needing a new name for my Club. I have decided I want something that sounds fairly tropical such as Club Paradise or Summerbreeze. I like Paradise because of its attractive simplicity, but on the other hand many other clubs are named the exact same thing. Does anyone have any ides on other related names or maybe an idea on how to change the name Paradise in order to make it less common? All serious replies will be greatly appreciated!
  9. 50$ for a good club name!!!

    Yep, it's good pay. But I am starting to get desperate now! I should add that the name should rather be something fairly easy that is easy to remember.
  10. I am starting up a club for younger people. The club will have parties in different cities across the country. The problem is that I can't come up with a really good name. I need a name for the club that gives the impression of a big and serious club as well as a name that sounds interesting and powerful for the younger people. I thought of two names, Club Xplosive and Club Sensation. However, I am not completely satisfied with those names. If anyone here comes up with a name that is really good, and I decide to use that name for my club, I will pay that person 50$!! I would really appreciate lots of good tips on this one. No unrelevant postings please.
  11. Cash cubes!

  12. Cash cubes!

    Have you heard about these things called cash cubes? What do you think about having one of these at a nightclub? Experiences, tips and other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! http://www.cashcubes.com http://www.partyoutfitters.com/inde...es&rm=listitems
  13. Velcro jumping?

    Has anyone heard about this at a nightclub? You're supposted to wear a special kind of suit and then jump onto a wall where you appearently get stuck. I would really like more information about this.
  14. Theme party stuff!

    I would like some tips on good online stores that sell/rent good theme party stuff. I need stuff for, among other things, an hawaii party!
  15. I would like any kind of tips you would have for these kinds of themes. What stuff to buy, people to hire for the event etc. Any other suggestions??